Stash Report – Week 17, 2014

For this weekend’s line up, I ended up finishing block 2 of Raining Cats and Dogs!  I can’t take a picture yet because the sun is not out.  But as soon as it is, I’ll take one and edit this post.

Here’s what it looked like the last time I posted a picture.

Raining Cats and Dogs Block 2 as of 3/16/14

Raining Cats and Dogs
Block 2
as of 3/16/14

UPDATE – here’s a picture of the finished block

Raining Cats and Dogs Block 2 Finished 4/26/14

Raining Cats and Dogs
Block 2

By yesterday, I was finished applique’ing almost everything but the dog on the lower right.  I finished that and finished all the hand stitching.  Normally I do not do so much hand work in one sitting but I wanted it done and it was so close.  So I powered on.  And now it’s done.  YAY!  I’ve only got one more block to do for Raining Cats and Dogs – Block 7.  And then all the blocks are done.  In previous posts, I mentioned that I was thinking about quilting it the QAYG method because I wanted to be more careful with my quilting and with the quilt all pieced together it makes it harder to handle.  However, since I pulled the last block out, I took a look at the finishing kit.  I’m not sure it will work with that method.  I have time to think and examine it more while I finish block 7 so the option is still there while I consider the situation.  If I do end up FMQ’ing with the quilt all put together, it might be okay.  I’m getting a ton of FMQ practice on Easy Street!  🙂  And I’m watching Machine Quilting the Home Sweet Home Quilt with Frieda Andersen on Craftsy.  I’m not actually quilting anything but simply watching the class.  I’ve only watched the first few lessons but she has some great Glue Basting ideas.  I’ve only tried glue basting once with Ammabel’s Quilt.  I liked it because I didn’t have to pin and stuff.  I still had to do it on the floor because the only table I have is a folding table and the sides of it are too big to clamp down the quilt.  It was not as easy as I thought it would be but it was all my fault for not taping it down well.  So, Frieda Andersen suggested these huge clamps from Home Depot or any hardware store.  I’m definitely going to use this method when I get around to basting the Flowers and Baskets quilt.  When I first learned to baste, I was at my LQS in LA and we used big binder clips on a table.  We taped where the quilt didn’t reach all the way to the side.  First the backing wrong side up, batting, and the top right side up.  At each point we smoothed and smoothed until it was nice and flat.  Then we went through it with a long needle and CHEAP thread.  It took quite a few hours on my hand quilt.  Then at my next quilting class for Jacob’s quilt we pin basted.  We did almost the exact same method except we were told to use the floor if we didn’t have a table.  So I taped the quilt on the floor and pinned to my heart’s content.  When I was doing this, I didn’t care about scratching the floor and Jacob’s quilt was just slightly bigger than a crib quilt.  I used this method for awhile but by the time I got to Ammabel’s quilt I didn’t want to pin baste on my mom’s nice new floors.  I just started watching Craftsy classes and one of the classes I took suggested glue basting.  I can’t remember which one but it was one of the early classes (for me).  Even though I’ve been quilting for 8 years I still feel like such a noob at things.   But I’m always looking for better ways to do stuff.  Sometimes I buy things (ie. rulers, seam rippers, needles, scissors) that I think will make something go faster and sometimes it does.  But sometimes it doesn’t and it feels like a big waste of money.  However, that’s the quest of learning.

The plan for today is to work a little and then head over to sheep shearing day at Ardenwood, and hopefully we can get back home to catch the last half of the Clipper/Warrior game.  I’ll have to shift my quilting time to later this afternoon/early evening but the plan is to get my block of Easy Street quilted for today and then get started on the block I’ve got for Moon Glow.  It’s already waiting for me laid out on my sewing table.  🙂

Used this week: 0 yards
Used year to Date: 20.5 yards
Added this week: 0 yards
Added Year to Date: 54.5 yards
Net Added for 2014: 34 yards

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~gone quilting!


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  1. It always feels so good to finally find a way that works for you – basting, quilting, applique. I like having these “Ah Ha” moments. Enjoy your outing and your sewing time this evening.

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