Stash Report – Week 36, 2014

fabric buys Labor Day sale at LQS

fabric buys
Labor Day sale at


A new month and a new set list of things to do.  Although with my BOMs it doesn’t feel like the to do list changes that much.  Rather than repeat myself, see the full September to do list here.

Yesterday, my single goal was to get the September clue finished for Tell It to The Stars.  See Judy’s blog for the clue.  I laid the whole thing out and figured out where I want the blocks to go.  I was able to get every thing cut and pieced together the sashing strips.  Now, I’m piecing the sashes with the blocks.  Between work today and my normal slow Sunday routine, I should be able to get those done.

fabric buys Labor Day sale at LQS

fabric buys
Labor Day sale at

I did make it to the LQS for the Labor Day sale.  30% off all fabric is just a deal I couldn’t pass up.  I kept myself to a budget though since I do not have a project I’m shopping for.  I just love fabric and enjoy buying the eye candy!  So I’ve got +7 yards this week with no finishes.  That’s okay.  I figured it out and it has been 11 weeks since I’ve added to my stash.  that must be some sort of record for me.  And I just looked at my spreadsheet and it is.  I can’t buy more fabric though until I wash some of it.  I do pre-wash my fabric and right now, my to-be-washed fabric bin is full.  Any more and I will not be able to close it.    I also looked at what my net was this time last year and in 2013 I was +121 yards by this time.  This year, I’m +60.  That is only half where I was so even though I’m adding to my stash it is not to the same extent as it was last year.  It’s kind of nice to keep a record from year to year and see how I’m doing.

Used this week: 0 yards
Used year to Date: 21.5 yards
Added this week: 7 yards
Added Year to Date: 81.4 yards
Net Added for 2014: 59.9 yards

see more stash reports at  Patchwork Times

~gone quilting!


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