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Bonnie Hunter's mystery quilt En Provence 1 of many 11/27/2016

Bonnie Hunter’s
mystery quilt
En Provence
1 of many

I actually am halfway through the number we need to do for the first clue and I’m hoping to get the rest of them completed before the next clue is released on Friday.  I’m enjoying the neutral on neutral and the bits of color that come through.  I’ve also got a good groove for this first clue.  In the past, I’d try to go through each step in full before moving to the next step.  Meaning, I would cut all the 2″ strips I’d need for all the 4 patches.  Then I’d piece all the strips together, press, then cut all the 2″ strips, piece, and press.  I would get bored and tired.  This time I did things differently.  As I posted yesterday, I went through my smaller scrap bin and pulled the colors I needed.  I used those neutrals first and pressed and cut 2″ strips of anything that would fit 2″.  Then I pieced them together.  Then I went through my larger scrap bin and pulled those neutrals.  I pressed them, cut 2″ strips of the set I pieced together previously, and cut 2″ strips of the smaller scraps (generally under a 12″) that I pulled from the larger scrap bin.  And then pieced all the things I could piece together.  So I had some 4 patches, some pairs of 2″ strips pieced together, and my leaders and enders for scrapitude and a block I pieced together for Provence.  I tend to do a bit at a time so I don’t get bored and I work on multiple projects at the same time.  Then when I’ve pieced everything I could piece, I snip and take everything to my pressing table aka the ironing board.   I think for the first run through I only had 7 – 4 patches.  But then I went through the larger scraps and fat quarters, and ended up with half of what I needed.  Now I need to press some of my quarter yards of neutrals and start working on those.

I know it sounds confusing because words are hard but know that I’m no longer trying to do each step at a time.  I simply do as much as I’m mentally capable of doing (before getting bored or tired) then move to the next step of the process.

I hope to get these completed by Friday for our next clue.

Linky on Bonnie’s page.

Happy quilting!


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