3 weeks til Christmas…

Here are the things …

  • Starting point Shawl – knit 600 stitches per day. I want to be halfway through the first joining triangle this week or 25% through the final clue. Actually it would be great to be at 30% or more so I can be on track for finishing a bit early.
    • I’m almost half way through the last clue so I’m making good work on this project. Here is how it looks now:

Starting Point

  • Secret Project #3 – Start the next one.  My goal was to create 3 of these but I’m going to stop 11/30 so I’ll be in the middle of the third one.  I’ll start up again in January and ship this off when it’s done.
    • I started the 3rd one and stopped working on it as soon as December hit.  But I felt weird having this thing started and sitting there.  I started working on it again over the weekend and will work on it as I feel like it. I’m not adding any pressure on myself to finish it.  I will be happy if it gets done but it doesn’t have to get done. I’m taking this off this list as it’s not something I need to get done.
  • Mama’s Bukid – Page 5, Row 4 – finish Row 4 and at the rate I’m going possibly get through half of Row 5.
    • I was only actually able to work on this once this week so I didn’t get finish with Row 4.  It’s almost done but will be on this week’s to do list.
  • St. Patty’s Socks and Secret Mandala sock blank that I’m knitting up congruently – I only have a few rows left working the back of the heel, my goal is to get that done, turn the heels and then pick up the stitches.  This week, I want to get my socks to the point where I can work on the foot.  I’m not going to get this done this month but I want to get them done in December.  That will complete my 12 socks for the year and I can start again in January.
    • I’m working on decreasing the gusset to start on the foot.  I’ve got about 5 decreases left on St Patty’s Sock and 10 decreases left on Secret Mandala.  I think I can get those done in the next couple of days and get started on the foot.
  • Harry Potter – continue to work on this as I have time.
    • I am working a bit on this.
  • Finish Clue #1 of On Ringo Lake and work on Clue #2 on Friday.
    • I didn’t get Clue #1 finished so I packed that up with a post it note and put it in my On Ringo Lake project bin.  I started working on Clue #2.  My goal is to work on clue #2 twice this week.

This week’s goals:

  • Starting point Shawl – Continue knitting 600 stitches per day. I want to be 75% through the final clue.
  • Mama’s Bukid – Page 5, Row 4 – finish Row 4 and start Row 5
  • St. Patty’s Socks and Secret Mandala sock blank – finish the decreases and start the foot.
  • Harry Potter – knit 2 rows per day.
  • On Ringo Lake – piece 12 geese per day until Clue #3 is released.

Happy Crafting!


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