Monday’s Plan of Action, week 45



  • Celtic Solstice – My goal for the month was to finish quilting 1 row.  I did that last week!  yaaaahhhh.  Next week I will be out of town for Thanksgiving and will probably not have time to do any more on this project. I am planning on using yellow fabric for the binding.

Celtic Solstice

  • Staycation – I’ve decided I want a thin border. Ideally I want an inch but I don’t know if I have enough fabric so if I do not, whatever I have enough for would be great.  As I will be out of town the latter part of the month, next month, I will spend some time pulling the fabric I have left and checking it to see how much border I can actually have.
  • Provence quilt – No time to work on this project this month. It’s on my list for next month.
  • Provence

  •  Bonnie Hunter’s 2018 Mystery quilt – I will be out of town the weekend after the first clue is released. But, I did meet another guildie who also plays along with these. We’ve decided to get together every Sunday during this time to work on the clues.  I’m excited about this and hope to find other guild members who would want to join us.


  1. November Socks – I’m about half way through the foot.  I plan to finish the foot this week and start working on the heel next week.
  2. Jacob’s Weasley sweater – My goal for the month is to finish the letter part.  I have a third left to go and I plan to do a bit more this upcoming week.
  3. Jacob’s Weasley Sweater

  4. My Featherweight cardigan – I’ve only done about 3 rows this past week so I still have to do about 17 more rows.  Once the other goals are met, I’ll be working primarily on this project.  My goal for this month is to get 20 rows done.
  5. My Featherweight Cardigan

Cross Stitch:

  1. Bukid – Columns 11, 12 and 13.   = This week I finished column 11 so I’m working on column 12. This upcoming week, my plan is to get halfway through column 12.
  2. Gamer – I did not set a goal for this project but I have half of column 6 and 7 to finish page 5 so it would be wonderful to get those done.
  3. A Stitch In Time – I still need to get a project page for this month.

And that’s it for this week!

Happy crafting!


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