Alex Anderson speaks

Are you a fan of Alex Anderson? The Alex from the Quilt Show?

My guild is lucky enough to host her via zoom this coming 11/9/2020 (next week!) at 7pm Pacific. For non guild members registration is $10. You can register here. But I’ve got a secret. Over the next several months (excluding December) we will be hosting several renowned speakers. I can’t say who yet… The meetings are free for guild members. The annual membership dues is $60 (which includes $20 raffle tickets for the opportunity quilt). Really the dues are $40 and $20 for raffle tickets. I know it’s a little up in the air because I can’t spill the beans on the speakers and you might be able to attend the other speakers as a non member. But, non members might not be allowed for other speakers. Our speaker in October was Jan Krentz (another great speaker) but she limited attendees to our guild and two other local guilds. That is her right to do. I’m just letting you – my friends and readers know- that that is always a possibility. Anyway, if you have the ability and you want to take part in our special series by becoming a member email me at If that is not your cup of tea feel free to register for Alex’ event. Here’s the link again. I’m super excited!

We’ve all been sheltering in place for months and while we’ve been able to meet monthly as a guild, and zoom every Sunday, we’re just starting to explore the opportunities of having national and international speakers. I’m proud to say, we have a handful of master quilters in our membership and they have friends who are open to speaking and possibly doing a workshop.

Workshops are definitely first come first serve to members only and we cap it at a certain number (that number changes according to the speaker) so the workshops may or may not be available to non-members. I can’t say whether or not Alex will be doing a workshop… TBH I can’t remember. But, I can tell you Alex does not really speak at guilds anymore and this is a special treat that she is doing for us because she is friends with one of our special members. We are so lucky! and I’m sharing this with you.

If you want to know other perks to join the guild, here you are:

  • Sunday virtual quilt bee
  • zoom sessions with Mini groups
  • Tickets to win the Opportunity Quilt
  • We have a quilt show in odd years for members to display their quilts but that’s been cancelled for 2021. And is probably not doable unless you were a bit local to the San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles.
  • get to know my winning personality more so than this blog. 🙂 (maybe this is not the official perk but something you may enjoy nonetheless)

We are working on updating our website so if you look us up, you’ll get an outdated site – – This site will be updated soon as the committee in charge of that is finishing up the final details.

Hope you can join us! If you do join, comment below so I can say hi!

~ Melanie

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