Baby boy update

Happy 18th birthday to my son!

He’s a bit of a shy bird or maybe just a teen boy who doesn’t like me posting picture of him on Facebook and Instagram. Actually he doesn’t mind the posts. He doesn’t like to be tagged. So as long as I don’t tag him I can post to my hearts content. And he will stay friends with me on those platforms. This is opposite to my daughter who loves it when I post things and tag her.

On this day, the boy is 18 and weighing heavy decisions on which college to select. He’s been lucky enough to get accepted to a number of colleges local and out of state. The major issues are financial and while his heart would love to go to an out of state school the finances don’t make sense. So far he’s leaning on staying close to home to our local state university. While I wish we could send him away (as he wants) I am proud of the young man he’s becoming to make the smart financial decisions he’s able to make.

Happy birthday to my baby boy.


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