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Kimberbell Candy Corn Quilt Shoppe

I’ve been enamored with machine embroidery for a long time. I have the embroidery unit that came with my bernina 790 and early on tried to use it. At first I did images that was included with the machine and then later stuck with labels and then later stopped all together. It was hard. I didn’t know what to do and it became too much effort to pull it out each time. and I loved sewing/piecing so I couldn’t stop that to embroider!

Then I met my friend Robin years ago who makes amazing stuff with her embroidery machine. That inspired me and my goal was to get a second machine to piece on and then I’ll set up my 790 with the embroidery unit dedicated to machine embroidery projects. At the time this was a long term goal. Earlier this year my local sewing machine shop announced they were retiring and would be closing and were discounting their inventory. So long term plans became now and I ended up getting the special Kaffe Edition B770 QE Plus. I don’t remember if I posted about it but here is the pretty machine.

And at the Sew Awesome Gal’s quilt retreat, several of the gals brought their own machine embroidery machines to put together Kimberbell’s Candy Corn Quilt Shoppe. I had seen one of the ladies at my guild’s retreat a month before and she mentioned that they would be doing that. So I went off and bought all the stuff for that project. The shop, Between Stitches, in Temecula happened to be having a huge Independence Day sale so I snagged a lot of it then.

Well since I hadn’t embroidered for a long time all my stuff for embroidery was scattered to the winds. I honestly can’t remember where it is or even if I gave it away. It’s possible I did. So I bought new stuff to get ready but it was way too much for this newbie to get herself together in time for the Sew Awesome retreat and I ended up on the sidelines watching enviously.

So the following weekend after the retreat I sat myself down and started!

I put together the first block!

It’s so cute!
Block 2
Block 3

I definitely have much to learn but I love how it came out!

Happy quilting!


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