2014 Bonnie Hunter Mystery Quilt “Grand Illusions!”



This is the third Bonnie Hunter Mystery Quilt I am participating in. My first was in 2012 for “Easy Street” and the second was last year’s “Celtic Solstice“.  I’m not done with Celtic Solstice yet.  I’m not entirely sure but I think I’m on Part 4.  I enjoyed working on Celtic Solstice more than Easy Street and was looking forward to this year’s mystery.  It wasn’t so much the quilt, or the colors, but the camaraderie between all of quilters around the world who participate in this mystery and the encouragement and eye candy I see online.  There is something so heartening to know that I’m part of a whole group of quilters making the same thing at the same time.  However work was exceptionally busy this time of the year which prevented me from participating at the same level as I wanted to.  In fact, I got started rather late – around the 3rd or 4th week after the first clue was released.  So I didn’t enjoy the process as much.  I’m still finishing up step 1 and by now (it’s 1/4/15 at the time of this posting) the reveal has been posted.  I’m not entirely thrilled with the final quilt and I’m not sure I want to go through and finish it.  But I’ve got all the fabrics set aside from my stash and I believe the first couple steps were the hardest while the remaining steps are fairly simple – so maybe I will finish it.  I’m not entirely convinced and I haven’t made up my mind either way.  I created this page because right now, it’s a WIP.





















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