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Summer 2016


I am so excited.  My family and I were a bit sad to discover that the kids had a different schedule for spring break this year.  But that means that we made our regular family vacation a bit longer than normal.  So from June 15 – July 2 of 2016, we will be traveling the Southeast part of the country.  We will start the trip in Orlando, FL taking in Disney World and Universal Studios for a week, trek up the coast a few days and end it with a week long stay at Myrtle Beach.

We’ve started booking hotel reservations and I’ve started looking into flights.  The plan is to have the hotels, flight and major theme park tickets paid for well in advance of the trip.  That way, the only cost during the trip is a rental car, food, and extra places we want check out along with souvenirs.

I went to Florida, Disney World and Epcot a long time ago with my family when I was a kid.  I honestly don’t remember it.  I think I was 13-14… All I remember was being tired, grumpy, hot and sweaty.  I think it was in August.   I’m so grateful my daughter is so much more easy going than I was at that age.  She actually enjoys hanging out with the hubby and I.  ;0  The boy does too.  The kids travel well and I am looking forward to another memory to add to our time with the kids while we can.  We are all up for the adventure and even if things do not go according to plan (as they usually don’t), we laugh and just take everything in stride.

If you have any tips, ideas, places we HAVE to visit, please feel free to let me know.  I’m open to any great quilt shops in the area!