Mathias’ Baby Quilt


Mathias' Baby Quilt 2/21/2015

Mathias’ Baby Quilt


Materials – 100% cotton fabric and 100% cotton thread

Machine pieced

Pieced: February 2015

Completed: February 2015

Quilt finished: 31″ x 35″



My cousin is having a baby boy.  So, of course, I had to make her a baby quilt.  I checked out her Pinterest page and she had lime green, gray, and elephants all over the place.  So I made her an elephant quilt with lime green and gray.  These aren’t colors that I’m naturally inclined to have so I went around town for a few months just accumulating lime greens and grays.  I couldn’t find elephant fabric anywhere so I had to order those online.  This is very simply made with 5″ squares.  I like the simplicity and quickness of these baby quilts.  I cut the squares and arranged them on my design wall into something I liked.  This was my most difficult part.  And at the end of it all, I had some fabric that didn’t make the final quilt.  The most difficult thing was keeping the randomness there but still being pleasing.  I do not always like to put the same fabric like I did the grays going on the same diagonal line.  But I felt it worked in this case.  I liked keeping the greens random though.  Having both the green and grays be random was my initial attempt but it didn’t feel or look right too me.  Maybe there was just too much discord.  Once I decided to keep the grays along the diagonal I liked the quilt more and more.

Once the design was complete, it was pretty easy to sew the top together.

IMG_5964 What I did differently than the other baby quilts I made in this fashion is that I quilted it instead of tied it.  This was a big mistake, I sewed the rick rack around which created a sewed line along the edge of the quilt.  This made quilting very difficult.  I’m sure there are some tucks and pleats in it but I didn’t opt to unquilt.  I just learned my lesson for next time.  In previous baby quilts, I tied it.  But I wanted the quilted look in this instance.  So, next time, I would quilt it the way I normally do but not sew the rick rack on until after I quilted and trimmed the edges.  I do not know how I’ll do this but I’m sure I’ll figure out something.

definite pleat starting there..

definite pleat starting there..

And here’s the backing I loved so much:


created 02/21/2012

created 02/21/2012

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