Lucky Stars BOM


Patterns from Elizabeth at Don’t Call Me Betsy. This is a foundation paper piecing block of the month club.


All I can say is that I’m crazy! I don’t need another project. But Elizabeth is practically giving away these patterns at $15 for the entire year. It’s 24 patterns (actually 12 but at 2 different sizes – so 24). I thought it was such a great deal. I saw these on her site for a while before I finally decided to purchase them. First, I LOVE stars. Second, I was loving the pictures of the blocks as they came out. So, I went ahead and signed up. I did foundation paper piecing once a long time ago and I hated it. I hated it because I didn’t know what I was doing and was probably doing it wrong. I read her first few instructions and they were so easy to read. I imagine I can do a bunch of blocks at a time and put them all together in one project. If I make enough it could be a mini quilt. If not, maybe just something small to put on top of a table.

Practice Block

Made the 6 1/2″ version on 9/7/13. I wasn’t too thrilled with the experience. It took a long time. I should have timed it but I didn’t. Maybe over an hour. I’m sure as I do these more I’ll be faster. I’ll set a timer next time so we can know for sure.

Lucky Star BOM Practice Block

Lucky Star BOM
Practice Block – 6.5″ Block

As you can see, my points aren’t matching. Elizabeth’s instructions were great! I just have a hard time with all the bulk of fabric that accumulates. This is the 6.5″ block. I wonder if the bulk will go away when I do the 12.5″ block.

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