Razzle – The Corduroy Quilt

Razzle 20 blocks done 5/31/14

20 blocks done

The Story: This page is long in coming.  I first saw a corduroy quilt at the final Long Beach Quilt Festival in 2013.  I know that’s not the official name but I can’t remember the official name now.  🙁  But by the time I saw it, I had already used up all of my quilt budget.  So when I attended PIQF in 2013 I was hoping I’d see a corduroy quilt too.  There’s a brief mention of me buying it on this post.  But I didn’t start cutting and piecing until a mini retreat in June 2014.  After the retreat, I packed up my project and never worked on it again.

I love the colors of the corduroy fabric and the feel of it.  I loved that it was different than cotton and that’s why when I first saw it I had to get it.  I still continue to look for corduroy fabric whenever I go to quilt shops.  My LQS had a bit of it at some point.  It may have been a fad that has died out but I still love it.

I don’t have any details as to size or anything but once I pull the project out to work on it, I’ll update this project page.

Update – 10/22/2015

I pulled this project out again on 10/18/2015 and brought it out on rotation.  It is project #3 of the 4 week rotation.  Right now I’m working on getting together these strips:

Razzle Strips 25 done

25 done

I plan to be done with those this weekend and then I’m done with this project for now and onto Project #4.

An interesting article about working with corduroy.  I wish I read this before I started my project.



As I finish up the week, I discovered that I do not have enough white corduroy fabric to finish about 50 of the strips pictured above.  I currently have 40 completed.  The rest are half way done (with a blue and white strip) but without the second white strip.  I’ve ordered more white corduroy fabric and it should come in the next week.  But I’ll be working on something else by then.  So, next month when Razzle comes up on rotation again, I need to finish the final 10 strips.



The white corduroy I ordered did not match the white corduroy of the kit! 🙁 So I am just making the quilt smaller.  I put the blocks together and I have 4 rows ready.  I started putting the sashes with the lime green cornerstones when I discovered that I cut the cornerstones wrong.  It should have been 3.5″ squares but I miscut one of the sides and it is 3.25″ x3.5″. I’m setting this aside again for this month.  When I get to this project again, I will need to remember to cut the 3.5″ squares properly.

Design Floor Razzle 11/15/2015

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