2015 Bonnie Hunter Mystery Quilt “Allietare!”

Winter Mystery 2015 - Allietare!


Materials –

Machine pieced

Started: November 2015


Quilt to be finished at: 82’’ x 96″


This is Bonnie Hunter’s Mystery Quilt for 2015.  My first Bonnie Hunter mystery quilt along was in 2012 for Easy Street.  I played along in 2013 with Celtic Solstice.  I’m still working on Celtic Solstice.  I’m on the final step so it is coming along nicely.  Soon I’ll be putting the block together.  I started to play along in 2014 with Grand Illusions but didn’t like how it looked after the reveal so couldn’t get myself to finish it.  I feel bad that I don’t like it.  I almost don’t like to say anything.  But I realize that it’s not a negative thing on Bonnie.  Everyone has their preferences and Grand Illusions doesn’t fit my style.  I love so many of Bonnie’s quilts that not liking one is not a big deal.  So this year (2015) I frogged Grand Illusions.  It has made me a little wary in joining this year’s mystery.  However I love the color way.  One way I played differently this year is that I didn’t pick my fabric beforehand.  Bonnie provides us with the colors and the total yardage.  In the past, I’ve gone out and bought fabric (as was the case in 2012 when I didn’t have as much of a fabric stash).  I’ve also gone through my stash and picked the fabric.  Any fabric I needed more of to fulfill the yardage requirement I bought specifically for the quilt-a-long.  This year, I didn’t want to buy fabric and add to my stash. And I waited until the last minute to decide to play so I didn’t go through my stash and pick fabric.  I waited until Bonnie announced the first step to pull my fabric as I need them.  I picked a gray that I was confident that I had 1-2 yards in and I knew that I could easily get from my LQS when I need to.  Everything else has come from my scrap bin #3 and Scrap bin #4 (filled with large scraps and fat quarters).  Once I’ve gone through those I’ll be hitting my yardage bins to fulfill whatever I need.  I think I will not need to buy fabric except for the gray. It’s actually exciting to play and gather fabric this way.

Allietare! Step 1 11/28/2015

Step 1

Allietare Step 2 3 Sets completed 12/6/2015

Step 2
3 Sets completed


Allietare! Step 4 12/20/2015 2 sets done

Step 4
2 sets done