Scrapitude 2016 – Scrappy Stars Around The Corner

Update – 2/2/2020

Just finished Clue 2 and Clue 3 –

Clue 2: 

Scrappy Stars around the Corner
Clue 2

Clue 3:

Scrappy Stars around the Corner
Clue 3


Okay… so I have a lot of projects going on, in my UFO section, and kits that I’ve bought that are waiting to be brought out.  But with every project I finish, a whole nother set of scraps are added to my scrap bins.  My bins aren’t overflowing but… I’ve got way too many bins.  I would love to bring down the number of scrap bins.  Or… possibly separate my scrap bins into colors.  I’m not sure.  So I want to continue working on scrappy projects.

And okay… Bonnie Hunter is the queen of scrappy projects.  I could go on her site and pull up a free project and maybe one day I will.  But not today.  I could play along in November in her annual mystery quilt-a-long and maybe I will.  But given that I didn’t love last year’s quilt, I’m not too excited about joining in.  I may wait for her reveal before I do anything concrete.  We’ll see.

But Charlotte of has just released the cutting instructions for the upcoming mystery quilt-a-long.  I’ve loved her last two mystery quilts.  The first one I wasn’t able to play along but I did with the second one.  And I loved the quilt, the instructions were clear, and the best part – receiving the cutting instructions first.  This was great!  It’s a lot of cutting at one time but we’ve got almost 4 months to do it.  By the time her first clue is released all we have to do is piece and follow each of her steps.  I thought it was great!  So I am committing to working on the new one.  My goal is to use up as much of my scraps as possible.

Here are the details:

Scrappy Stars Around The Corner
A Quilt from Scrapitude Quilts
“Scraps with Attitude”
Designed by Charlotte Hawkes

Overall center size with no borders: approx. 80 x 99 inches

Important Dates:

First Clue – January 12, 2016

10/25/2016 – Life happened and I wasn’t able to do this project as each step was released.  I did print each of the steps for later use.  I had cut almost everything and I think I only had a few of the background pieces left to do.  Now that Celtic Solstice has surpassed my leader/ender stage, I’m on the lookout for a new leader/ender.  I decided this would be that since I had almost everything cut.  Bonnie Hunter’s 2015 mystery quilt, “Allietare” was high on the list but I’d have to cut first.  Something I’m not too excited to do.  Since I’m still putting together Celtic Solstice (Bonnie’s 2013 mystery quilt) I decided Scrapitude 2016 was the way to go.

Scrapitude 2016 A new Leader/Ender project 10/25/2016

Scrapitude 2016
A new Leader/Ender project