2018 Bonnie Hunter Mystery Quilt “Good Fortune”

Materials –

Machine Pieced

Started: November 2018

Completed: March 2023

Quilt to be finished at:  72’’ x  72’


11/30/2018 – This is Bonnie Hunter’s Mystery Quilt for 2018.  You can see this same story in my previous Bonnie Hunter mystery quilt pages but to make it easier for you, here’s the summary of it: My first Bonnie Hunter mystery quilt along was in 2012 for Easy Street.  I finished it in July, 2014.  I played along again in 2013 with Celtic Solstice.  This is mostly quilted but I still have one line left to do along with the borders. I’m quilting it on my domestic and it’s a huge King size quilt.  I’m probably going to gift this one as it doesn’t fit our Queen.  It’s a huge quilt and is at 115″x 115″.  I started to play along in 2014 with Grand Illusions but didn’t like how it looked after the reveal so couldn’t get myself to finish it.  I feel bad that I don’t like it.  I almost don’t like to say anything if I do not like something.  But I realize that it’s not a negative thing on Bonnie.  Everyone has their preferences and Grand Illusions just didn’t fit my style.  I love so many of Bonnie’s quilts that not liking one is not a big deal.  So in 2015 I frogged it.  It made me a little wary to join the mystery in 2015 for Allietare!  But I loved the colorway.  That year, I did things differently by not picking my fabric beforehand.  Bonnie provides us with the colors and the total yardage a few weeks before the first clue and prior to this point, I would go out and buy fabric (as was the case in 2012 when I didn’t have as much of a fabric stash).  Beginning with Allietare!  I went through my stash and picked the fabric.  Any fabric I needed more of to fulfill the yardage requirement I bought specifically for the quilt-a-long.  In 2016 for En Provence, I didn’t want to buy fabric and add to my stash. And I waited until the last minute to decide to play so I didn’t go through my stash and pick fabric.  I waited until Bonnie announced the first step to pull my fabric as I needed them.  I did the same with On Ringo Lake and will continue to do so with Good Fortune.  As you can see I have not finished any other mystery quilts since Easy Street.  I’m pretty close to finishing Celtic Solstice and I’m hoping to get that done in 2019.  But I enjoy playing along each year and I plan to do so each year.

Clue One: Finished 1/11/2019

Good Fortune Mystery Quilt
Clue One

Clue Two: Used square in a square to make perfect HSTs that do not get wonky on the corners.

Good Fortune Mystery Quilt
Clue Two
In process

finished top