Gratitude Diaries: Day 5

Today is Friday and that in itself is a reason to be grateful.  The sun was shining and I got a couple of things done for work.  We had Mediterranean food for lunch and I spent it getting to know some of our team members better.

The best thing about today is that the hubby graciously helped me bring in my mid arm and quilt frame from the garage!

Here’s the before picture of the living room:


Living Room 10/23/2015

Here’s the after picture:


Living Room 10/23/2015


I got it all set up and then I went to put a practice quilt on it – just a yard for the back; a yard for the front, and some extra batting to use.  I kept asking the hubby for help every time I realized I forgot something else in the garage and needed his help to find it.  I’m so grateful he didn’t complain or give me a hard time.  He didn’t give me a look either!  You know that look…. when you ask for one too many things and he trying to watch something on TV. He was very patient with me.

Once I got the practice quilt on I tried to actually quilt.  I ran into a lot of problems.  I took it apart and cleaned it, oiled it, and put it back together.  It is still giving me problems.  I’m letting it sit there in time out while I am grateful that I was able to get it all cleaned up and oiled.


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