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New start: Apple Blossom, a Mountain Mist Pattern

Apple Blossom quilt from Mountain Mist. Picture from online auction.

For my quilt, I’m changing the colors around. The background is more beige/white and my apple blossoms are shades of Purple with a bright yellow/orange center. But wait a second, you may be asking, another new start Melanie? And you’d have every right. I blame my LQS and my friend, Julie. At my favorite LQS, Quilt Emporium in Woodland Hills, CA, they have a Mountain Mist club that’s been running for the last 10+ years. And a bunch of my quilty friends and I, attended a tea party they hosted at the shop. It was to talk about Mountain Mist quilts, the history, and how they came about as well as to show the quits that have been produced by the club these many years. Shortly after, Julie and I decided to join. We are hand appliqueing and maybe hand quilting. I will probably not hand quilt. I like the look but it takes so long for me to finish. I’m still working on hand quilting my Raining Cats and Dogs quilt. I forgot to add this quilt to my WIP list because I haven’t yet cut into fabric. The first meeting we attended we talked about how to read the pattern and how to get started. Then Julie and I pulled fabric.

Fabric pull

The next meeting was last Friday and our person in charge was at Jury Duty. As such, all I did was cut my templates and get them all ready for next month.



Finished Flimsy: Storm at Sea/Snail’s Trail

Storm at Sea / Snail’s Trail – Finished Flimsy – December 2022

I started this at my guild’s October workshop with Wendy Mathson.

This was how far her instructions and her workshop took us and I got to this point pretty quickly after the workshop. I had posted about it being finished here. But almost immediately, I decided it wasn’t exactly finished and I started working on the border which finished the stars. This was something I learned in a Linda Ballard class a long time ago when I started the Dancing with the Stars quilt. That was to finish the stars in the border. So I took that and finished the stars here.

I started working on it in earnest during my mini retreat in October and discovered I didn’t have enough of the purple grunge. And I spent November at one quilt shop or another looking for that purple grunge. There are so many. I finally found it at Candy’s in Reseda, CA. Thankfully not too far from my house!

And just like my recently finished Arlene Arnold flimsy, Lucretia’s Journey, I absolutely love how this turned out and would like to make it again but bigger. Wendy emailed us blank templates to color on so we can play with color and design for this project. I’ve put this on my one day some day list. There are so many quilts I want to make but I do want to explore the different options I can do with this.

Happy quilting friends,


Cross Stitch, an update

Gamer – 11/3/2022
Gamer – 11/23/22

Another diagonal completed! As I work down the page the diagonals get longer and take longer to complete. Here’s where it starts to be more of a slog for me and I have to be more diligent about doing my 100 stitches every day.

Gamer – 12/2/22

And here’s my update on my MFE SAL.

MFE SAL – 11/16/22
MFE SAL – 11/27/22

Happy Stitching!


December 2022

December is going to be a busy month and not much will be happening on the crafty end of things.

We do not have a guild workshop so I have a break on that end. But I will be gone for a couple of weeks which will take a lot of crafty time away.

I will continue to have my monthly to do list as it is helping me keep on track with my many WIPs and things I want to get done.

First, I want to quilt my disappearing 9 patch. It’s basted, the quilting motif has been chosen, and I’m ready to get going on this.

Second, Wendy Mathson’s Storm at Sea/Snails Trail – I want to finish the top.

Third, Plum Fusion – one of our Local shops Saturday Sampler. – I want to finish Page 19. I still need to do page 11, 12, and 13 but with December being so busy, I am being realistic.

Plum Fusion – one of my precious blocks

And Fourth, Linda Ballard’s Dresden from the guild’s February 2022 workshop. – I need to pull this out, take a more current picture, and see what needs to happen to finish this project up.

That is 1 quilting project and 3 piecing projects. I think I’ve found my sweet spot. Since December is so busy I will be thrilled if I just get some progress done on any of these.

Happy quilting!


November Recap 2022

This month, my 3 focus quilts were: Storm at Sea/ Snail’s Trail, Lucretia’s Journey, and Plum Fusion.

I finished Lucretia’s Journey and it is now a flimsy and joins my quilts in process queue.

Storm at Sea/ Snail’s Trail – well it seems I spent a lot of time gathering the fabric as I went to multiple shops and pre-washed fabric so it still is at the same point as it was earlier in the month:

And I did work a bit on Plum Fusion but the pieces of page 19 were still under a bunch of stuff on my ironing board. So I cleaned the board and took a picture.

I spray basted the Disappearing 9 Patch, its ready to be quilted. I want to use a disappearing pen and a stencil for the quilting. I’ve tried this technique in the past and I didn’t like it. I think the quilt I was using was too big for learning on. But this quilt is just large enough but not too big to practice this technique. I’ve picked my quilting motif and this will be on my December list.

basted quilt and the stencil I’ll be using.

And I finished Provence. This is one BIG quilt and I’m thrilled to be done with it. I have 4-5 big quilts waiting in the wings to be finished.

Happy quilting!


Finished Flimsy: Lucretia’s Journey

Lucretia’s Journey – Finished Flimsy – November 2022

I just started this at my guild’s November workshop with Arlene Arnold. I recently posted this as my new start. And I loved it so much and it came together pretty easy that I didn’t want to stop. I did have some struggles here and there.

Because I decided to do the reverse of the instructor’s original quilt, I had to go through and mark the lights as dark and the darks as light. But that would have made my life easy so I didn’t. I just kept the pattern as is. The instructor used Block Loc rulers – flying geese and half square triangles. I already had the HST block loc ruler for the size she wanted so all I had to buy was the flying geese block loc. I fell in love. I may have to buy all the flying geese available now.

Some issues I had with doing this project was that it gave the measurements of each piece and in some cases I remembered to trim down and in some cases I forgot. Actually I forgot to trim the 9patches. So they were about 1/16″ too big on each side and I had already pieced them into the rows when I discovered that. So I had to do some finagling and swearing to get it all right. I scared those pieces into submission!

And another thing I would have liked would have been pressing directions. I like to nest my seams and I pressed willy nilly. When I sewed the rows together the first two rows I could finger press corrections as I needed to but by the time I was putting together sets of rows already pieced, that was more difficult and there are several places where my seams twisted. I tried to do it in a part where I can twirl my seams on the 9 patches and make it work but I couldn’t always do that.

Arlene Arnold looks for and purchases antique quilts and then recreates them into patterns as she’s able to. There are quite a few patterns I want to purchase from her but I limited myself to one and when I get it I will post it.

I do love how this one turned out and I’ve got it on a one day some day wish list to make another but bigger one to fit my bed.

I’m thrilled to get this flimsy finished so quickly and add it to the to be quilted pile.

Happy quilting friends,


Finished Quilt: Provence

And here it is in all its glory. This is done. and I love it.

I noticed that I have not been taking pictures of my backs. And here it is: Provence’s back. I love using up my remaining fabric on the back but I really dislike piecing a back. By the time I get to this part of quilt making, I’m mentally done with the quilt and I just want it to be finished. The fastest easiest way to get a back together is to use my favorite fabric and put it together until it’s the right size. Well I’m so glad I didn’t let myself take the easy way this time. It took a lot longer to get this finished but I love how the back came out.

In addition, I usually machine bind my quilts. Again it’s not because I like machine binding. It’s all because I want to finish and move on. But for some reason, this time around, I didn’t let myself take the easy way out. I guess it’s because I really this quilt. It came out beautifully and I worked really hard on it. It deserved a hand bind.

Happy quilting


Needlepoint: East Meets West Kimono

Designer: Margaret Bendig

Started: 10/2021 at PSR in Las Vegas

Last Picture posted: 3/5/2022

I last wrote about this project here.

Status – 11/19/2022

I’ve been making slow progress on this project and I love it. For needlepoint I only have 2 projects going and both were started at the PSR Seminar in 10/2021 in Las Vegas, NV. It’s my newest craft and I’m really making an effort to not start anything new until these are finished. I also inherited quite a few WIPs but I’m not counting those. Someone said if I do a block a day I’ll be finished in however many blocks there are. Unfortunately, one block on average takes me several hours to finish so while it sounds nice it’s not doable given all the things I try to do in a day.

~Happy needlepoint!

~Stay Safe.


Happy Thanksgiving!


This year we are keeping it easy. I worked the first part of the week and we ordered our Thanksgiving meal from our favorite place to order it from. My daughter is bringing over a couple of friends who isn’t able to go home for the holiday.

Tomorrow is the start of Bonnie Hunter’s annual mystery quilt along and I will not be participating. I will collect the clues for a future make. My friends picked up the paint chips for me. They are so sweet and I’m thankful for them this year.

~Happy quilting!


2022 WIP List

The other night at our minigroup my friend who is a newer quilter said something about not having as many projects as the rest of us. It’s true. At least when compared to me. I have a lot! and several of them are very old. But, we laughed at her and started counting all the projects that we’ve all started together. When we came close to using up all her fingers on both hands she told us to stop as anxiety was starting to creep in. We told her she’s a QUILTER now. A QUILTER with all CAPS!

It was all fun and games but she really didn’t realize how many she had started and she was incredulous. I thought about my starts this year and decided to list them out. It is pretty shocking for me too and one of the reasons I’ve started blogging again so often. It’s really helped me plan what’s coming up and what to work on. Stay focused and enjoy my process. I was getting very anxious and depressed a few months ago with all my crafting stuff and all my upcoming new starts. And this blog really helps me sort it all out.

First, Guild workshops – I attended most of the workshops offered this year and each workshop means a new start. Here they are:

1. February – Linda Ballard – Dresden

This project is further along but I do not have a more recent picture of it.

2. March – Catherine Wilson – Snowflake

3. September – Dora Carey – Arabesque (flimsy finished)

4. October – Wendy Mathson – Storm at Sea/Snails Trail

5. November – Arlene Arnold – Lucretia’s Journey

6. Then I joined this year’s BOM at Cotton and Chocolate Plum Fusion in January. I was pretty caught up until about June. Then I fell behind and I almost caught up in September. Didn’t. Now it’s at the bottom of my monthly to do lists.

I have started several hand projects this year.

7. Ornaments – I started this in December 2021 but I’ve been stitching diligently on this throughout 2022. I think about half of the 12 ornaments have all been stitched and embroidered. When they are all done I need to adhere it to a backing with stiffer fusible and then sew the little strings to allow me to hang them.

8. Chirp – by Sue Spargo. I’m only doing this one block and will probably make it into a needle keep or something. I started this to practice Sue Spargo’s method in preparation for her class I’m taking at Road 2023.

9. Prairie something…. I haven’t started this really. I bought it and attended the class at Quilt Emporium and other projects jumped in line. This is not my product but a picture of the instructors and a reminder of the cuteness of it.

10. By Annie – Everything in a place bag (name?). I started this last year (2021) and it’s very complicated. I’m really almost done and just need to sew all the pieces together.

11. Tula Pink’s Butterfly 2.0 – I haven’t actually started or cut the fabric. But I want to very badly. I’ve had a lot of new starts the last few months so I want to get the flimsies finished before cutting into this.

12. Disappearing 9 patch – guild sew-a-long (flimsy finished)

And that’s it. These are all my WIPs started in 2022 that I can remember. As you can see 2 are finished as flimsies. I’ve got a little over a month to finish more and I’ll do my best. But with the holidays and all my travel plans I’ve got to be strategic.

First on my finish it now list is Lucretia’s Journey. It’s under the needle now waiting for me. All the rows are sewn and some are pieced together. I only have 2 big seems to finish it.

Second is Storm at Sea/Snails Trail. I am working on the border and it takes a bit of thinking but once this part is complete the flimsy will be done. I’m thinking of hand quilting and doing a knife edge binding (if my memory is remembering the name right) that I learned about on Quiltfolk’s adventure workshop to Wales.

And I think that’s all I have time to do before year end. I will continue to work on Chirp as that is almost done as well. But just the piece and not the whole needle case part. And once Chirp is done go back to my ornaments.

And that’s the plan. It feels doable. 😜

Happy quilting friends