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Finished Socks 2020

Here are some of the finished socks I’ve completed.
I do not think I’ve posted them yet so it’s not legit until it’s posted. 🙂


This was a sock blank. And it was the part left over after I’d already knitted a pair of socks before. I can’t remember when – probably a year or two ago.  So these have been in my stash waiting. And I knit and knit and knit in the round knitting what we call vanilla socks.

I was knitting the second sock of this pair:

This also came from a sock blank. If you do not know what a sock blank is, it’s yarn already knitted up into a rectangle. The dyer goes in and dyes it and it’s very pretty. You do not know how it will knit up because they colors get all jumbled together.  I normally knit both socks (of a pair) at the same time, but with a sock blank you can’t do that.  So I had knit the first of the honey bee sock some time ago. It was a bit difficult for me so when it came time to do the second pair I decided I needed a break.  When I picked it up, I need to knit a second sock at the same time since I was used to doing two at a time. I knit the blue/green sock blank at the same time. For the blue/green one, I just knit it into a tube until I knit all of that yarn.  When I finished, I cut it in half.  I used a contrasting yarn to do the toes (except the first one), heels and cuff.  I used the afterthought heel method I think, for those how know, using the kirby worby technique.  I may be getting the words wrong.  I do not like doing the afterthought heel method but I like being able to knit knit knit and then putting a heel in afterwards. Especially if you don’t know if this is going to be for me or someone else.  It’s also helpful to keep the yarn going and picking where to put the heel in, which is most helpful when you are knitting stripes.

And in June, I finished these socks:

Designer: Knotty Gnome
Yarn: Cascade 220

Designer: Knotty Gnome
Yarn: Cascade 220

I knit these two up, two at a time.  I did about 2-3 rows a day except weekends.  I love how these came out.

~keep on knitting!



Update on my 2020 Crafty Plans, July

I wrote about my 2020 Crafty goals here for quilting… and here for cross stitch… and here for knitting and here for everything else

My quilting goals and updates-

  1. Staycation – in the quilt queue.
  2. Good Fortune – in the quilt queue.
  3. Glam Clam – in the quilt queue.
  4. Scrappy Stars – I started putting the sashing on…
  5. Area One Mystery Quilt from 2012 SoCal Quilt Run – I finished this top!!! 🙂 and it’s now in the quilt queue.
  6. Area Four Mystery Quilt from 2012 SoCal Quilt Run – Right before the pandemic started I went to the first retreat of the year. At the retreat I was able to lay out all the blocks and decide how to put them together. All I have to do is put them together.
    1. Update: I haven’t touched this since then.
  7. Dancing with the Stars – At the same retreat I finished some of the blocks for this and realized I didn’t have any more of the white. I believe I pulled it for another project and never replaced it. I’ve since bought more white fabric and can start working on this again.
    1. Update: I haven’t touched this since then.

Not on my goal list but something I’ve been working on a lot the last few months is Radiant Jewel Quilt by Kimberly Einmo. I’ve got all the blocks A and blocks B done. I’m working on the border blocks.


  1. Scrappy Stars – Just pick something and move forward on this
    Scrappy Stars Around the Corner
  2. Area Four Mystery Quilt – piece all the blocks together and figure out if you want a border or not.
    2012 Southern CA
    Quilt Run
    Area Four
    Mystery quilt
  3. Dancing with the Stars – start working on this again now that I’ve got more white fabric.
    Dancing with the Stars
    Linda Ballard
  4. Radiant Jewel Quilt by Kimberly Einmo – I’ve actually been working on this quilt a lot and I’m putting the blocks together. I get held up when it’s time to press but I am getting pretty far on this project.
  5. Gardenvale – which is what I’m calling my current WIP..
        1. Gardenvale
          by Moda

  6. Allietare –  Bonnie Hunter’s mystery quilt from 2015 – Clue 1
  7. Area Three Mystery Quilt from 2012 SoCal Quilters Run – This is kitted up and I haven’t even looked at the instructions.

Now for Cross Stitch:

  1. Mama’s Bukid – Finished this! Goal was met for this one.
    Mama’s Bukid
    It’s finish!
  2. Gamer – Finish 6 pages. I finished 2 pages the last 3 months and I’m working on page 3 for the year.  I still do not think I’ll get 6 pages done for 2020 but I’m happy with my progress.
    Gamer Nouveau


I got a lot done this last quarter and maybe if I continue at this current pace I’ll be able to finish up the row.  I don’t know though, it’s a lot of stitching and I don’t want to burn myself out. I still love working on this piece but in June I was doing 100 stitches a day and I do not think I’ll be able to keep up the pace another month.

  1. A Stitch in Time – My goal is to work on this each month and I have been. I love working on this project but it is very slow. There is a lot of confetti everywhere and it’s slow going on this one.
    A Stitch In Time

    A Stitch In Time

    I finished a page on this and I also love working on it.  But this is 25 count and my eyes can work on it at certain times of the day. So I work a bit in the mornings when I’m able to.

  2. A Kiss for Snowman – I have not worked on this at all. This is my travel project but I haven’t been travelling so I haven’t done anything with it. I think what I will do is add this to my rotation and during the same week work on Gamer at the same time. I can do that because this is held in had while All the other projects are on frames.
  3. Mirabilia Titania – Added a new project to the rotation. Now that Mama’s Bukid is done, I decided to add another project to my rotation. This one is not nearly as complex as Gamer or A Stitch in Time as it is not full coverage and is not heavy on the confetti. There is beading and some back stitch but I think this is certainly doable. I feel like with Gamer and A Stitch in Time, having a small one like A Kiss for Snowman and this Mira will help me see movement when projects like A Stitch in Time go so slowly.

Titania – 5/25/2020

I do not have an updated picture for this. I’ll have to take one the next time I pull it out.

I’ll have to update you on the knitting and other crafts another time as this post is too long and it’s giving me a headache. 🙂

Craft on my friends.


My newest WIP

I had a mini charm pack of Moda’s Gardenvale. I started putting them together into 4-patches and then pieced the 4-patches together. Even though the line is from 2015 I found a charm pack and some yardage. I put a thin border around the mini’s and then used the charm squares. It’s coming along. I’m going to set these aside for now and make some blocks with the fabric I have. I’m thinking 6.5 inch squares…

I am loving how this is coming out. The mini charms were in a scrap bin I’m using up and I finally broke it open.

Keep quilting,


Ricky’s Weasley Sweater, Q2 Update

My goal for Q2 was to finish the front side and I’ve done it.

Ricky’s Weasley Sweater
The front side –

Last quarter’s goal was to finish the back side.

Ricky’s Weasley Sweater
The backside –

3rd Quarter’s goal is to put the front and back together and do the sleeves.

4th Quarter’s goal is to put it all together, the collar, and weave in all the ends.  I’m on track to getting this sweater finished by 12/25.  Then it can join the rest of the Weasley Sweater family and I can start on mine. 🙂

Kayla and Jacob in their Weasley’s



Japanese JigSaw Puzzle Quilt

Japanese Jig Saw Puzzle

This quilt was finished some time ago. I forget when but it’s been a few weeks and I’ve been meaning to put a label on it. I still do not have a label on. So it’s not a Finish Finish Finish, but I will get one on soon.

This was the result of a guild workshop a couple of years ago and I do not think I ever posted it here.  It’s done now and I’m happy to have another lap quilt to throw on the couch.


A Quilt Top is finished

Area One Mystery quilt. Celestial something or other


I’ve had the inner top done for a while and all I needed to do was add the borders. I emailed my LQS during our shelter in place and with their help picked three options. I narrowed it down to two once I laid them down together physically. I love it. I am not sure how many tops I have in my quilt queue now but it’s getting up there. I think I’m at 6… three of which have backings already and all I have to do is prep the batting. I know I still need to piece the backing for this one but this is the last one in queue so I have time. I need to get going on quilting them but haven’t the desire. I may not have the desire to quilt quilt for awhile. With everything going on I just don’t have the mental capacity for the Q20 right now. I hope it changes soon. I know that my creative flows change through time and when the desire hits me I’ll ride that wave.

Always, stay safe,


A finally got some quilting done…

I’ve got a few quilts in queue to be quilted… I think I have 6. Could be more or less but the number is somewhere around that. I’m still not very comfortable with the Q20 and when it was unthreaded a few weeks ago I’ve been apprehensive about threading it. My daughter has been using the room the Q20 is in so… not bothering her has been my excuse for weeks. But we know the truth…she is not worried about me bothering her.

I finally bit the bullet and watched a youtube video and threaded the machine. It’s not hard and I knew it wouldn’t be. It’s always these little things that block me from moving forward on a given project. But I did it today and quilted these little mug rugs to help me get more comfortable with my machine. I have about 5-6 left to quilt that gradually get bigger. I have no plans or goals to do it but one of these days I will have to do the 15 minute of FMQ a day. It’s been awhile and so can’t remember who started that. Let me know if you know.

All I have to do next is bind them and then I’ll put them in my giveaway bag.

Always, stay safe,


More Bread, the weekend baker

So after a few weeks of bread making, it’s just a lot of bread and way too much for my family and I to consume. I started giving away bread to friends and family who were willing to come by and do a pick up.  But I can’t keep doing that. So I’m switching to a weekly bake.  I put my starter in the fridge after my normal feed on Sunday morning and took it out yesterday morning (Wednesday). Again, I went to and there is a detailed weekly schedule for a weekend baker.  Their schedule has me taking the starter out Thursday for a Sunday bake.  I want to bake on Saturday so I moved it up a day.

Hopefully I continue this journey when we are allowed out again. I loved bread making a few years ago but stopped for some reason. I can’t remember why and I’m really happy to get back into and I love how my breads are turning out now.

Happy Thursday!



Road to CA 2020, The Value of Violet by Margaret Solomon Gunn

I’m still looking at pictures from Road to CA last January.  You can see all the winners here.

I noticed a lot more shiny quilts made up of silk blends. They produced quilts that looked like they were glowing. Here is The Value of Violet by Margaret Solomon Gunn. I believe there is a post about it on Road to CAs site.  The description of the quilt did not say that the fabric was silk so I’m not sure where I got the idea that it was made of silk. I believe that the white glover or other onlooker told me that it was made of silk cotton blend which is what gives it that glowing quality.

The Value of Violet by Margaret Solomon Gunn

Here are some close ups.

The Value of Violet
Margaret Solomon Gunn

The Value of Violet
Margaret Solomon Gunn

The Value of Violet
Margaret Solomon Gunn

At this show, I was attracted to the various edges and bindings that finished quilts. I took a lot of pictures so I could remember the different ideas.