Gratitude Diaries: Day 8

Today, I’m grateful for quilt guilds.  I’m so grateful for my first quilt guild in Northern California.  As my first quilt guild, they eased my way into guild life.  I was only with them a year but the ladies were so very friendly and I enjoyed our mini retreats and workshops and events.  My experience with them encouraged me to join the guilds near me when we moved back to Southern California.  I read of many horror stories online but my experience was completely positive.  I am so grateful to be near so many guilds that I can pick and choose which ones I like.  The main criteria – which ones meet closest to me.

I’m grateful that I’ve got two that meet really close to me and they meet during the evenings.  One meets every 2nd Monday of the month.  The other meets every last Monday of the month.  There is another third guild that is local to me too but they meet during the day.

I’m grateful that one of my guilds is a traditional guild that has been around for a long time.  I believe 40 years but I could be wrong.  The other guild is a new modern guild and I attended the second meeting of its existence tonight.  There are many members who are part of both guilds and I find that interesting and exciting.  I’m not sure if I’m a modern quilter.  But I love the opportunity to meet other quilters and learn design elements and challenge myself to extend beyond my current comfort zone.

I’m grateful that both guilds are open, welcoming, and friendly.  There was a time when my traditional guild had a waiting list and one of the members I met waited 5 years before she was able to become a member.



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