Gratitude Diaries: Day 9


I am grateful for…

… being able to work from home.  I love putzing around between one task and another, conversing with the hubby, and I just get more work done without the constant interruptions I get when I’m in the office.

… a car that works.  I had the car serviced today and I am grateful that I can afford to get it serviced regularly so it can last me a long, long time.

… the start of basketball season.  Super excited to see my team excel this year!

… this online community.  Finding people who share my interests and learning from people around the world.



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  1. I’m so far behind in reading! And in doing, for that matter. LOL I had to come read at least one post, and will try to catch up on back ones. You have a great list here. Those are real blessings. I did get your comment, and haven’t even had a chance to investigate!

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