Gratitude Diaries: Day 11

Late post for my gratitude diary but we trekked it to Staples Center today for the first Clipper home game of the season!

I am grateful for…


… a Clipper win tonight for their first home game!

… Amtrak  – the girl had a football game to cheer at today so the boy and I took Amtrak to Union Station in Downtown and then took Uber to Staples Center.  Originally, the plan was to take a bus but we decided to Uber instead.  This way the hubby waited to pick up the girl and then met us at Staples Center in time for the 2nd Quarter.

… knowing what to get at Staples to eat: nachos from the Tostitos Nachos stand, pretzels from Weiner’s Pretzels, and the Bottomless Soda.  Everything else is a waste of money.  Of course, you can always get CPK or McD but who wants to wait in those lines?

First Home Game! 10/29/2015

First Home Game!

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