Gratitude Diaries: Day 14


It’s getting harder and harder to maintain these gratitude diaries.  I’m not sure why.

Today was a weird day.  We were up late last night since we had people over.  That means that today, I got up late and the kids and the hubby woke up some time after me.  But it’s Sunday so it’s a day of relaxing and hopefully not doing anything.  Or, just doing what we want to do.  I enjoy updating my blog and pages and getting everything ready for the next week.  I quilt and sew and look at my projects.  I am enjoying the process.

So I’m grateful for a quiet and relaxing day.  We have a lot of leftovers from the party so we’re set for food.  I need to pack them up and get them ready to take to lunch for work or school.

I’m grateful for having a lot of leftovers so we do not have to worry about making dinner or buying lunch these next few days.

As I write about my day and different things that pop in my head, I recognize more where I am grateful.  It becomes easier as my mind clears itself from the list of things I have to do and reflect upon the goings on of today.




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  1. Because you’re past all the easy things – the off the cuff things. Now you are having to dig a little to find the true gems of each day. But you did it for this one. =)

  2. this exact things happen to me as well 🙂 re; it is becoming easier to remember as I focus on writing my gratitude journal. beginning is hard, but once started, the mind focuses on these delightful details and experiences. so keep writing and enjoy your gratitude journal 🙂

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