Gratitude Diaries: Day 26

I am grateful for…


… living in a place with so many options to eat great food!  Tonight we chose Korean BBQ.  Of course, the best Korean BBQ is in KoreaTown but that takes more planning.  Tonight I was craving it so we went to our favorite local spot.  They used to have great service but it’s not as good as it used to be.  The food is excellent though and we love the purple rice!

… our friend who put wifi on both mine and the hubby’s computers last night.   When he first built our computers, we were connected directly to the internet so we didn’t need wifi.  But the connection at this house couldn’t be set up the way we had it set up at the old place and the connection we were using wasn’t taking advantage of the high speeds.  Now our speeds are so much better and I may even be able to start playing online games again. 🙂

… Thanksgiving.  We try to go up north whenever we can for Thanksgiving and Christmas.  This year, the girl has something for cheer the week of Thanksgiving so we decided to stay in LA and go up north for Christmas.  Usually, we try to find a party to invite ourselves too but this year, we are planning on making our Thanksgiving meal together.  We’ll get a small Turkey, a small ham, and make some sides to go with it all.  I’m excited and we’ve got our list of things we want to make.  I need to finalize our grocery list and recipes.  I’m grateful that the family is excited to do this together. 🙂

Have a good evening!


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