Gratitude Diaries: Day 43

I am grateful for…


… a cold day in Southern California.  It feels like winter is upon us.  I took the girl to cheer practice at 6am and it was 34 degrees.  Up until now, we would have a cold night here or there but nothing that cold and it would usually warm up again.  It doesn’t feel like it will be warming up soon.  Now if only the rains would come.

… learning how to use the central air unit in the office.  I got in the office and it was 67 degrees inside.  Luckily I had my fingerless mitts that I knitted a couple of summers ago to keep my hands warm.  But it was still way too cold.  So I called maintenance and they showed us how to work it.  The office made it up to 75 degrees by the time I was leaving for the day.  I was even able to take my jacket off!

… staying warm in bed reading a book.


Have a good evening!


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