Gratitude Diaries: Day 44

I am grateful for…


… winning a prize!  One of our fellow bloggers was hosting a giveaway and emailed me that I won.  I checked her site and didn’t see it mentioned so I’m not sure if I can mention it yet.  I’ll say which blogger once she gives the ok. 🙂 It’s so exciting and I feel so lucky and grateful to have won something.

… my mastermind group.  Today was my first time where I can share a problem and receive feedback.  It’s so wonderful to get ideas on how to solve my problems from objective people.  I’ve got a lot of homework on my plate as I research some of the suggestions and open myself to solutions I never considered.

… my daughters new phone arrived.  Last week sometime I posted how grateful I was at the ease of claiming a new phone through the insurance program through AT&T.  It arrived and it was a breeze to get it all set up and up to speed.  Now, she has a reliable phone to call us when she needs us to pick her up! 🙂

Have a good evening!


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