Gratitude Diaries: Day 45

I don’t have a lot of time this morning to post my regular living simply post.  But I did want to get in my gratitude diary from last night.  I celebrated the birthday of one of my long time friends and I am grateful to her and our friendship.  It was a wonderful night.  We experimented at a new restaurant and while it is not worth going back, now we know.  And we enjoyed ourselves with each other. Then we headed over to the Clipper game.  It was a sad sad loss.

My work day surprisingly ended early yesterday.  I usually have a late call that generally ends around 4pm but yesterday, we were able to start early, get our items discussed and done, and I was finished with the call by 3:30.  That helped because I needed the time to get ready and leave to make it to downtown in time to meet my friend.  I am so grateful for time adjusting itself so effortlessly around me allowing me to do the things I need to do.

Traffic was a mess.  We ran into a minor accident right at the beginning that set us back 15-20 minutes.  Once we past it, the rest of the ride was normal LA traffic.  While we were late, we were able to get seated right away and get our orders in.  I am grateful for being able to spend the time with the hubby and talk about today’s basketball events and listen to my current favorite basketball podcast.

Looking forward to today and the surprises that the world has to offer!

Have a good day!


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