Gratitude Diaries: Day 49


I’m grateful for…

… another sunny day in Southern California.  When I’m working I tend to go, go, go.  Sometimes it’s hard to stop, walk outside, and enjoy a bit of sunshine.  I did that today and it sure brightened up my mind and provided a breath of fresh air.

… in a couple of days, my mom will be in town.  The hubby and kids have been doing their part to get the house ready.  All the Christmas presents we have gotten so far are wrapped and under the tree.  My mom will be staying in the girl’s room so, it has been cleaned up and vacuumed.  I had planned to do a quick intensive clean right before I have to pick my mom up from the airport but they saved me from having to do it!  I think I’ll just make sure under the bed is completely clear and vacuumed.  My mom has allergies and she is sensitive to dust bunnies.  But that’s all I’ve got to do.  The hubby and kids make my life so much easier!  I’m so grateful for everything they do.

… Veggie Green.  I don’t eat enough veggies and I love drinking it to get in as quickly and as much as possible.  Most veggie drinks do not taste that great but I love the taste of Veggie Green.  The boy enjoys it too so I’ll get it a large bottle for lunch and bring home what I’ve got left.  He’ll usually finish it up for me.

Have a great evening!


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