Gratitude Diaries: Days 58-59

I’m grateful for…

… It’s almost Friday.  The kids’ last day of school is tomorrow and my office holiday party is tomorrow and the hubby and I will be going holiday shopping tomorrow morning and at 5pm PST we’ll be watching the Clipper vs. Spurs game.

… goal making.  It’s a time to reflect on the last year, what worked, what didn’t, and listing my goals for next year.  The quilty and craft goals were pretty easy.  The personal and professional goals not so easy.

… AAA.  My battery died in my car and I needed a new one.  AAA makes it so easy to have them come and replace it.  Of course, I could probably get it cheaper somewhere else.  I could probably do it myself or the hubby do it himself.  But, it’s nice for it to be done so easily.  I’m grateful that they offer this service.

Have a great evening!


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