Gratitude Diaries: Day 70

I’m grateful for…

… Creme Caramel.  The hubby has been wanting to take me here for awhile and we just never had a chance to go.  Today, we went and I loved the bread pudding.  We also had the ube upside down pie and while it was good, the bread pudding won my heart.  I’m hoping to order a dozen for our upcoming new year’s eve party.  Not only was the desert good, but the customer service made the whole experience that much better.  The owner (as I believe the person who helped us was based on her convo in the shop) took the time to learn each of her customer’s names.  She asked the hubby and mines when she took our order and greeted each customer by name that came in.  I’m so grateful when smart, talented, young women start up businesses that excel.  I hope that this business continues to grow as she truly deserves it.

… having a day to run errands.  I worked a bit in the morning and once I got through the emails and urgent stuff, the hubby and I went off.  First to Fry’s and they have horrible customer service but we suffered through it and I looked at the various laptops they have.  My old laptop is no longer usable and with our upcoming Florida trip, I need a very good laptop to use over the 3 weeks we’ll be gone.  So I’m doing shopping now so I’ll have the next 6 months to get it up to speed.  Anyway, I didn’t like what I saw so off we went to have lunch in Van Nuys.  The first spot we went to was a place my friend has been raving about.  Unfortunately, they’re closed over the holidays as they are doing some remodelling.  So we were at a lost since we were both hungry and had no idea where to go.  It couldn’t just be anywhere – we wanted something great!  We ended up at Pita Kitchen – one of the hubby’s favorite mediterranean places.  They have a great steak plate.  I’m sure that’s not what it is really called but I never order here so I can’t tell you what it is.  I hold down the table (it’s a small space so I sit down as soon as I find a spot, while the hubby orders).  It was a great last minute choice for lunch.  Afterwards, we went to Creme Caramel for dessert.  Then to Best Buy to see what they had to offer for laptops.  And then to the groceries.  Whew!  By the time we got home, I was beat.  Checked the emails again and spent some time cutting fabric for Scrapitude 2016!

… being able to shop for a new laptop.  Many people can’t just do that, with cash, so I’m so grateful to be in a position now where I can.  The hubby and I are working hard on getting our finances up to snuff and moving towards living a debt free life.  Don’t get me wrong, we’re nowhere near where we want to be but we’re trying to make the right choices every day to get us there.  (and sometimes we make wrong choices that we have to live with!)

… being able to live the life I want to live.  When work is busy I work my butt off.  When it is slow (like it is now) I get to live life the way I want.  I’m grateful for how life is right now.  Of course, it can’t always be this way because if it is slow – then I won’t have any money to pay the bills! 🙂  But it is nice to have it like this temporarily during the holidays.

Have a great evening!


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