Knitting: How to stash my yarn?

I’m at Road2CA today but wanted to ask any knitters about how to stash my yarn.  I’m pretty new to knitting so my yarn stash isn’t that large.  But it’s overflowing now and I’m trying to come up with a solution.

Here’s my yarn stash…



So the top of that stash is the yarn I used to buy at the big box stores before I discovered yarn shops and better yet – yarn clubs that automatically delivered boxes of yarn every month.  The bottom of that stash contain the yarn I got from those clubs.  That basket used to be tucked in the shelf to the right that is barely visible.  Every month I would get my box from the yarn club and put the yarn in the bin.  When we went through the garage on New Year’s Day, I found a bin of my knitting stuff: ball winder and swift, more needles, more yarn, and more books.  The books went to the shelves, the needles to my needle container, the winder and swift – anywhere it would fit and the yarn went to the top of this bin and it is now overflowing.

I want to know how yarn should be stored.  I’m assuming it’s pretty similar to my fabric… plastic bags and bins are not a good idea.  Light deteriorates the color, pay attention to dust, pests/insects.  We do not have pets anymore so I don’t have to worry about that.  Is that pretty accurate?  Everything I’ve seen online has yarn on display and while they look very pretty, I worry about long time storage.  I am not a fast knitter so it will take me years to finish up this stash.  Similar to my fabric issue, I’m not planning on buying anymore yarn.

And I was able to get a good pic of my Rosie Hat


Thank you!


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  1. Sorry, I don’t knit. At the start of your stash is a good time to decide how to organize it, though! I’ve seen someone in the past use large ice cream cartons, well rinsed, of course. The laid them on their sides and attached them somehow – superglue, maybe? Anyway, they put them on a shelf so the opening faced out, so on their sides, and then had different colors in each one. Milk crates would work that way, too.

    Your blog always makes me sign in and says I’m not signed in, even when I am. Even if I just made another comment.

  2. Vac pack bags. If it’s a space saving issue these things are gold. It will keep it dry, dust free, and can be tucked away into he smallest space. If you like being able to see all your stash at once, you don’t need to jam it all in there but arrange each ball or skein neatly in rows, seal, suck all the air out with your vacuum cleaner and watch it shrink down to a third of the size. It doesn’t damage your stash in any way, as soon as you open it, they puff right back up again. I use them for both my yarn and fabric stashes.

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