My knitting adventure

I started knitting again…

Here’s how my sock looks like now:

my right sock 10/8/2016

my right sock

My first sock project

… I realized after I was working on this project that I need to document how I modified the pattern to fit my feet.  I started with the Craftsy “My First Socks” with Lucy Neatby.  But once I got past the heel I realized that I needed to modify the sock pattern. I have small feet (5-5.5 shoe size) with wide chunky feet and calves.  I will need this write up as I do more socks.  Especially if I want to do the second sock.

Anyway, I didn’t start documenting it until after I got past the heel so it’s really a draft until I do another and can document better next time.  Here goes –

Remember… this starts after the heel… Lucy, the instructor in the class said to decrease every other or every round.  I found that it was decreasing too much, too quickly.   I’m also using really thick yarn and size 9 needles my first time around.  I think its supposed to make these knit up easier and faster for the first time sock knitter.  So… this may all change when I switch to proper sock yarn and use the right size needles.  I started with DPNs and later switched to circulars to make it easier.

  1. Round – decrease – k, ssk, k rest of the way (total 11 stitches on DPN), knit all for 10 stitches for the bottom of my foot, decrease – knit until the last 3 stitches, k2o, k (total 11 stitches on DPN), top of foot – knit all for 12 stitches.
  2. Round – knit all around
  3. Round – decrease
  4. Round – knit all around
  5. Round – knit all around – try it on. 🙂
  6. Round – knit all around
  7. Round – knit all around
  8. Round – knit all around – try it on. 🙂
  9. Round – decrease
  10. Round – knit all around
  11. Round – knit all around – try it on. 🙂
  12. Round – knit all around
  13. Round – knit all around -switched to circulars.
  14. Round – knit all around
  15. Round – knit all around
  16. Round – knit all around – try it on. 🙂
  17. Round – decrease
  18. Round – knit all around
  19. Round – knit all around – try it on. 🙂
  20. Round – knit all around
  21. Round – decrease

Have a great quilty Saturday!


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  1. I’m impressed with anyone who knits. I tried knitting when I was 3, and quit when i was 3. Okay, I have done some basic knitting as an adult, but that’s about it. Nothing like socks!

    • Thanks Wendy! 🙂 I’ve tried on and off over the years and never really stuck to it. Primarily because my wrists and arms would start to hurt. But I think it had everything to do with the tools I was using because when I invested in some good needles, they stopped hurting. And I go through phases. I think fall and winter are good knitting months for me. But spring and summer are not good knitting months unless I’m travelling. 🙂

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