Knitting Tuesday, 1/24/17

Pink/blue socks …

Last week –

pink/blue socks 1/17/17

pink/blue socks

Now –



Sorry the lighting is bad.  The toes have been grafted but I still need to weave in ends.  I tried to get them done for this post but apparently I hate weaving in ends.  I got through half of one sock. Next time I’m going to weave in throughout the project and not wait until the end.

Pink/Gray Malabrigo socks

Last week –

magenta/gray socks 1/17/17

magenta/gray socks

magenta/gray socks 1/24/17

magenta/gray socks

I got a lot of progress done and I decided to start on the second sock so that I don’t get second sock syndrome.  I love how these are knitting up.

I do not have much progress on the other knitting projects so we can touch base with them next week.

~Happy Knitting


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