Knitting Tuesday, 2/7/17


Magenta/Gray socks

Last week –

magenta/gray socks 1/31/17

magenta/gray socks

Now –

magenta/gray socks 2/7/17

magenta/gray socks

I am progressing pretty nicely on my socks.  I’ve got the heel flap and I turned the heel on sock #2.  Now I just need to do the decrease.  Since that will take a little effort I will work on the foot part of sock #1.  I like how it is looking and I like knitting it.  But I’m knitting so much that my hands, wrists, and elbows are starting to hurt.  So, I need to slow down on my knitting.  I’m hoping I don’t have to stop completely but can just do a bit at a time.  I find that sock knitting is really hard on my hands because I’m gripping the needles so tightly.  So I’m going to try knitting on other projects and see if that helps.

Kimono Sweater

last week –

My first sweater Kimono 1/31/2017

My first sweater

Now –

My first sweater Kimono 2/7/2017

My first sweater

I am supposed to do this stitch for about 5 inches but I am fine with it being at 4 inches.  I started the next part and I’m enjoying this project.

Here are updates on my other sock projects.  It’s been a few weeks since I last posted pictures and I’ve actually been working on them a bit at a time.

Purple/Gray Socks

Purple/gray socks 1/17/17

Purple/gray socks

Purple/gray socks 2/7/17

Purple/gray socks

I turned the heel for sock #1 and I’m working on the leg for sock #2.  Right now sock #2 is my easy knitting that I pull out just to work a bit on each day.  It doesn’t require much thought.

Snowberry socks 1/17/17

Snowberry socks

Snowberry socks 2/7/17

Snowberry socks

I really like this yarn.  It’s so soft and I love knitting on it.  The problem is I only have 1 hiya hiya sharp #2 9inch circulars and the sock on the right is using it.  The sock on the left is using hiya hiya sharp #2 -24inch circs.  It’s not fun knitting on these.  I ordered another 9 inch circ and as soon as it gets here I’ll be replacing the needles on the left.

And I started another sock project.  This one is actually for the girl but I started it so she could just knit and purl to her heart’s content and not worry about getting it started.

Kayla's Regia sock 2/7/17

Kayla’s Regia sock

This is using Regia’s self striping yarn and Kayla and I are loving it.  This is on hiya hiya sharp #2 – 16 inch circs.  Of all the needles I’ve tried, I love hiya hiya sharps #2 on the 9 inch circulars.  I do want to try magic loop at some point so I think I will be able to use the 16 inch and the 24 inch at some point.  I did order myself 32 inch circs also.  I’m not sure if I will like it as I did fingerless mitts on magic loop and I didn’t enjoy knitting those.  But that was a couple of years ago so I’ll try it again and see how it goes.

~Happy Knitting


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