2017 Crafty Plan

I had a short list of things I wanted to focus on in the month of February.

  1. quilt Missing Ivy – still not done.  I scheduled this for the last Saturday of the month.
  2. finish the final border (and thus the top) for Celtic solstice – done
  3. finish the border (and thus the top) for Have Yourself a Quilty Little Christmas – almost done
  4. knit primarily on the magenta socks and the kimono sweater – done.  The projects aren’t done but I am focusing on those two (and knitting on other projects too).  The magenta socks are well on their way to being done. I hope to get them done this month.

So I finished or almost finished everything on my short list and I am bored.  I do not know what to work on quilty wise.  I could only knit and cross stitch so much.  I decided not having an annual plan to fall back on was not conducive to the way I work and created my 2017 crafty plan.  Here’s my plan for the remainder of the month.

  1. quilt Missing Ivy – now that I’ve got the long arm reserved, I have to prep the batting, press the top and the back.  I think I’ve got a label but I need to make sure and if not, prep that too.
  2. Since I’m at a bit of a standstill, I want to go through my quilty closet and reorganize it.
  3. Pull out the 2012 LQS BOM Provence and figure out where I am.  Do the next step.
  4. Area One Quilter’s Run – Pull out and do one of the blocks.
  5. Continue to focus on the magenta socks and the kimono sweater.
  6. Make more drawstring bags
  7. Watch the craftsy class with the zipper pouch and make a zipper pouch.

And here’s my 2017 crafty plan

  1. Quilting
    1. Finish 6 quilts
      1. Missing Ivy – to be quilted
      2. Celtic Solstice – this one needs the backing prepped
      3. Have yourself a quilty Little Christmas – I need to finish the border (and thus the top) and then it will need the backing prepped
      4. Raining Cats and Dogs – this needs to be hand quilted
      5. Provence (2012 LQS BOM) – blocks are done, I need to revisit where I am on this one.  I think I just need to piece the blocks and alternating blocks together.
      6. Area One Quilter’s Run – blocks need to be pieced
      7. Scrapitude 2016 – I am piecing this as my leaders and enders
      8. Asian (2012 LQS BOM #2)
  2. Knitting
    1. Sweater “Kimono”
    2. Socks – 12 for the year.  I currently have 4 on the needles
    3. hat – 1 for each family member
    4. car knitting – Jacob’s beanie
    5. Use yarn stash (which as of 2/15/17, the following are being knitted from stash: 2 socks, Jacob’s beanie, Rikke hat for me or Kayla.)
  3. Cross Stitching – continue working on Mama’s Bukid each week.  At the latter end of last year, I grew tired of the browns and greens that I kept seeing on Mama’s Bukid and started a new project A Rose Fairy.  It’s not on my must do list for this year but I will work on it if I feel the urge to.  Right now, knitting is occupying more of my crafty time so as long as I work on Mama’s Bukid each week I’m happy.    
  4. Bag Making – I’ve been wanting to make bags for awhile.  I think it was one of my goals in 2015.  I want to revisit this again.  I have a bunch of craftsy classes, bag kits, books and patterns.  I think I’ll start with the Craftsy classes (especially the ones I have kits for) and then work on the kits I have.  After that, I’ll try my hand at the books and patterns I’ve got.
  5. Clothes – I want to start learning how to sew garments.  I’m not sure how or where to start so I guess my first step is to find an easy project to start learning on.

And my overarching non-craft specific goals:

  1. use what I have
    1. my fabric stash
    2. my yarn stash
    3. my tools
  2. Get rid of the things that I don’t love anymore
    1. sell
    2. donate
    3. throw away
  3. Watch my spending
    1. only buy things I will use now


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