Travel Diary – Day 2: Milan

We got up around 4pm and walked around Milan.  I apologize now for the heavy photos and for all the selfies I took.  For up to date selfies and photos follow me on Instagram at @thousandneedles.  I’m going to try to upload photos and details here within a day or two of the experience but if I get too busy or tired I may give up this experiment.

The hubby and I hung out in the lobby and I knitted for a bit while we waited for our friends to come down.

Quite a few of the eateries we went to were closed and were just getting ready to open for dinner so we kept walking.  That was a surprise for us but it must be a Milan or Italy thing.  We ended up at Crocetta and our waiter was fantastic and the food yummy!

Oh my god!  It was so good.  I just stopped talking while I enjoyed my sandwich and cappuccino.

We walked a little bit further and found ourselves in the Piazza del Duomo. And we just started taking pictures…


We couldn’t get into Duomo as they were already closed but we got a lot of outside pics.  We will be going back in the next few days.


Next to the plaza is Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II and every where I looked there were quilt patterns.


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I am not including all the pictures here but after I finally stopped looking at the ground I looked up and it was glorious.  I’ve seen pictures of these before, in movies, online, etc.  But the experience is not the same and I am in awe of the talent and creativity and genius that went into these works of art.

We walked a lot and took a lot of pictures.  Here are highlights of a few of them.

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We finally started back and made it to our hotel to use the restroom and rest a bit before going out again to buy necessities – water.  Stopped at a pizzeria before returning for good at 10pm.  We enjoyed ourselves immensely.  And I hope I can keep up with all the walking we’re doing.  Today’s step count: 14,880!  Tomorrow’s plan: Lake Como.

~ Happy travels!


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