PNW College Trip, Day 4

Tuesday of Thanksgiving week.

Because of the break in, we changed our plans. Originally we were going to head 6 hours north/east to see Gonzaga in Spokane, WA. But we were going to be heading out later than anticipated.

Our car is a 2021 Toyota Sienna and they are so new that none of the third party auto window repair shops had the windows we needed on hand. So they had to order them and with it being a Thanksgiving week, it took awhile to figure out the shop that would do the deed in a timely matter for a good price. There were more expensive shops and cheaper shops quoting us. We went with one in the middle.

But the shop promised (if all went well) we’d get our car back on Friday. So we decided to rent a car and continue on our trip with some modifications. We didn’t go to Gonzaga/Spokane. It was way to far off course, and based on my son’s preferences he wouldn’t want to go to a rural/country area anyway and Gonzaga was a reach school. So we took it off the list. Instead, we were tourists and went to the Tillamook Creamery about 2 hours west of Portland. We enjoyed ourselves there and bought some cheese. okay. I bought a lot of cheese. And since my clothes were stolen, I bought a sweater.

After eating lunch, we headed to Seattle, WA – which meant we had to go back to Portland and then north to Seattle. We got to Seattle around 9pm. and crashed. We were so tired.

Seattle, WA

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