The floors are being pulled right under me…

As I sit here, the floors are being pulled up to be replaced with new floors.  My sewing machine has been packed up to be brought in for servicing.  Nothing is wrong with it but since I figured I will not be able to sew over the next few days while the floors are being redone, I can at least bring it in for servicing and cleaning and whatever needs to be done to it.  I thought that I would be able to at least have the opportunity to hand quilt while I sit here but with all the hullabaloo that accompanied getting the house ready for the workers this morning I left my quilt on the other side of the house.  

So I’m here with nothing to do so I figured I would try to update my blog and try out some new things. 

~Happy Quilting


20130705-122323.jpg 20130705-122317.jpg 20130705-122310.jpg

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