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My weekly crafty update ~on quilting

Last week I turned my sewing machine on again after 2 weeks of not touching it.

Dancing with the Stars
Still in pieces
Linda Ballard

I pieced more pieces of Dancing with the Stars so I can make more blocks to fit a queen size quilt. I think I may run out of fabric and I went to Joanns to find something similar and I failed.  It may not be queen size. or, I’ll have to keep hunting.

I do not know why I stopped turning the machine on. It became too hard. My Lowery stand and my big cross stitch frame was in front of my table and the room was just messy enough that I didn’t want to disturb the piles by moving it so I can sew.  That’s not usually something that stops me. In addition, I had enough of a mess on my cutting table that I didn’t want to clean it up so I could cut fabric.  And I was at a perfect stand still in all of my projects. Most WIPs needed something pressed or cut or both before I could move into actually sewing on the machine.  And I didn’t want to press or cut. I wanted to sew.  It’s the kind of motivation or unmotivation -demotivation? – well I was immobilized by my inability to make a decision of what to do next and so did not do anything.  On Labor Day, I finally stopped with the inaction and pressed and put the pieces to Dancing with the Stars under the needle.  🙂

2012 Southern CA
Quilt Run
Area Four
Mystery quilt

And over the weekend I pulled this quilt from my retreat luggage. I already had the first 2 rows pieced. I sewed all but the final row pieced together. I just ran out of energy and had to call it quits for the week.  I hope to finish the top in the next couple of weeks.

~ keep on quilting!



My newest WIP

I had a mini charm pack of Moda’s Gardenvale. I started putting them together into 4-patches and then pieced the 4-patches together. Even though the line is from 2015 I found a charm pack and some yardage. I put a thin border around the mini’s and then used the charm squares. It’s coming along. I’m going to set these aside for now and make some blocks with the fabric I have. I’m thinking 6.5 inch squares…

I am loving how this is coming out. The mini charms were in a scrap bin I’m using up and I finally broke it open.

Keep quilting,


Japanese JigSaw Puzzle Quilt

Japanese Jig Saw Puzzle

This quilt was finished some time ago. I forget when but it’s been a few weeks and I’ve been meaning to put a label on it. I still do not have a label on. So it’s not a Finish Finish Finish, but I will get one on soon.

This was the result of a guild workshop a couple of years ago and I do not think I ever posted it here.  It’s done now and I’m happy to have another lap quilt to throw on the couch.


A Quilt Top is finished

Area One Mystery quilt. Celestial something or other


I’ve had the inner top done for a while and all I needed to do was add the borders. I emailed my LQS during our shelter in place and with their help picked three options. I narrowed it down to two once I laid them down together physically. I love it. I am not sure how many tops I have in my quilt queue now but it’s getting up there. I think I’m at 6… three of which have backings already and all I have to do is prep the batting. I know I still need to piece the backing for this one but this is the last one in queue so I have time. I need to get going on quilting them but haven’t the desire. I may not have the desire to quilt quilt for awhile. With everything going on I just don’t have the mental capacity for the Q20 right now. I hope it changes soon. I know that my creative flows change through time and when the desire hits me I’ll ride that wave.

Always, stay safe,


Mugrugs, Coasters and orphan blocks…



I finally bound these little mats. They were orphan blocks made for one reason or another. The top one was for a paper piecing workshop offered through my guild. I used these mats to practice on my Q20 (among others) and finally got around to binding it.  Don’t tell anyone but I forgot to take the paperwork out of the top one so it’s crinkly.  I don’t care.  They will Most likely be used as coasters or mugrugs.  I love them and plan to give them away to friends.  Since the quarantine we’ve been passing along various items to each other – oranges from the trees, yeast, sourdough starters, chili, cookies, bread, etc.  So I’ll slip these and the others I’ve finally finished up.

~ Happy Monday,

btw, I’m feeling better this week and have high hopes in accomplishing a lot…



Day 17 at home

Today is day 17 and I’m finding it difficult to stick with a schedule. I normally work from home so that’s not my problem. My kids are home all the time but they are older and do not require as much from me as they would if they were younger.  Last week I was supposed to be on vacation. But with everything going on with the stock market I worked for most of it.  I was able to get off early in the day and do various things but not nearly as much as I wanted to.  I’m okay with it. But life will be more hectic next week as we finish up one quarter and start another. So I need to figure out how I want things to be.

In the meantime, here’s what I’ve been working on:

Knitting – I’m still knitting on my morning socks and almost daily I’m able to knit a couple of rows on Ricky’s Weasley Sweater. But those pictures are no fun. Just a little bit longer and bigger than the last picture. I will try to take pics this week since the month is ending and I want to take end of Month pictures. My real knitting love is this hat:

Harriet’s Hat

I ran out of the white yarn and luckily I have a friend who’s knitting the same hat with me. As soon as she is done, she will be dropping off (social distancing being kept) her leftover white.  In the meantime, I just love looking at it. I am still working on my mix wave cowl, water lily top, etc. Basically I’m doing my daily and weekly knitting. Mostly.

For cross stitch, since I finished Mama’s Bukid I started working on Titania by Mirabilia. I started this a long time ago – 2018 – and only did a bit on it. I hated working on it. Really hated it. I had never worked on linen before. Before this, I didn’t realize that there were different fabrics and every Flosstube I watched was talking about how great linen was. So I kitted this project up with linen and did not like it. I couldn’t see the holes and they were uneven. It was awful and sat in a box for 2 years. Every once in awhile early on I would take it out and try for a bit but it’s been in complete timeout this last year. This time I started working on it again and while I can’t say I love working on it, I am better at it and it is now doable.  I am loving what I’m seeing and it was my focus xstitch project for this week:


Here’s what it will grow up to be:


I finally finished this dress:

LAFS: Megan Dress

I’m not totally in love with it but it makes a great house dress. This is my second real dress but the first time with set in sleeve, gathers, my first time with darts, and a bunch of other things, I am really happy with how it turned out and how I can wear it. I plan to make skirts and other dresses one of these days.

On the quilting front: It’s harder to take pictures. I finished putting together this inner top –

2012 Southern CA
Quilt Run
Area One
Mystery quilt

I know the picture is not the finished top. It was harder to take a picture it because it is just too big.

2012 Southern CA
Quilt Run
Area One
Mystery quilt

Here it is on my bed. I plan to do a small border – maybe about 5 inches all around.  I am loving it but put it away for now.

Here are some other things I’ve been working on here and there…

I bound a few mats that I had practiced quilting on the Q20. Here’s a table runner. I picked up the top at one of our guild’s treasure hunts for, quilted and bound it. Now it’s gracing my table.

More practice on the Q20

Fun stuff.

Hope you are doing well during this time. I’m up and down and tend to stay offline when I’m not doing so well.  I also try to remember that things are not so bad, people experience and survive much worse than being stuck at home with all the crafts, and I try to be very grateful for what I have and where I am.  It’s still hard and there are a lot of sad things going on. Stay strong, friends.

Love always,


What I’m working on… Scrappy Stars Around The Corner

I have all the blocks finished for Scrappy Stars Around The Corner.

I saved them for the first retreat of the year so I could take advantage of the design wall.

Scrappy Stars Around the Corner

Apparently I didn’t cut enough sashing. And I do not remember if Charlotte had said to use scrappy sashing or a constant sashing.  I decided I want a constant.  When I first put it on the wall I liked the gray/tan sashing.  But I took a picture and when I looked at the picture, I really liked the cream sashing.  So I decided to do a constant cream sashing and constant cornerstones. I’m not sure what color that would be yet. I don’t think I could go wrong but whatever it is, I want it to be the same throughout the quilt. I haven’t decided on borders yet but will do that when I’ve got it all together.

Scrappy Stars Around The Corner, Clue 2 and Clue 3 finished

Scrappy Stars around the Corner
Clue 3

I finished Clue 3 last weekend and realized afterwards that I never finished clue 2.  The last 2 pages of Clue 2 were behind Clue 3 so didn’t see it until I finished clue 3. I had to go back and do those last 2 pages this weekend.

Scrappy Stars around the Corner
Clue 2

Now they are both complete and I can move on to Clue 4.  I reviewed and printed it.  This is the final clue and includes the reveal so I will be on this clue awhile.  I think there are about 10 steps with more blocks to put together and then I get to put all the blocks together.

I’m not really liking how the individual blocks look. It’s too scrappy for me. When I cut my scraps I was looking purely at value and not at colorways or anything. It was a test for me to see how it turns out.  So far, I’ve not liked this test. I am hoping that once all the blocks are put together I will like how this quilt will look.  But I will probably not use this method by choice again.  Of course, never say never. Different techniques tend to come out of the woodwork and I suddenly decide I like something I once thought I hated.  I will still make scrappy quilts I will just stick with a colorway rather than go purely based on values.

Happy Wednesday!


Quilting update on my 2020 crafty plans

Quilting: I finished 2 quilt tops in January

Good Fortune
Top is done!

Glam Clam
Finished Top

My primary project is Scrappy Stars and I finished Clue #3.  When I finished Clue #3, I found the last page of Clue #2 and realized I didn’t finish that clue. I had 2 steps left. I finished the first of those 2 steps and now I’m working on the 2nd step. The rest of my WIPs I haven’t touched yet.

  1. Area One Mystery Quilt (2012):

    Area One Mystery quilt

  2. Craftsy Mystery Quilt with Kimberly Einmo
  3. Area Two Mystery Quilt (2012)
  4. Dancing with the Stars by Linda Ballard (2013)

I started the Diamond Wedding Ring by Judy Niemeyer but haven’t gotten very far. I’m waiting on the pattern pages so my last post on this is where I’m still at.




My weekly update, 2/01/2020

So much has happened in the last 2 weeks. First I wasn’t able to post because of Road to California and all the shenanigans that happen there. I was exhausted on Sunday and spent the day resting. And that morning, Kobe Bryant and his daughter passed away in a helicopter crash. It’s heartbreaking and I continue to cry every day.  I cannot imagine what his wife and family are going through and I offer my prayers and hugs to them.

And here’s my update…

First, the week before Road:

I didn’t cross stitch at all that week, I did some knitting and that was it.  I went to yoga once.  That’s it. I played on the Bernina Q20 that Friday and quilted on practice sandwiches. At the end, I took out this table runner and quilted it. Now it’s done and all I have to do is bind it.

I also went to a featherweight maintenance class and now I have the knowledge I need to oil and service my featherweight!

On Sunday, I spent the day finishing up clue 3 on my scrappy quilt (no pictures because I was so busy sewing).  Time just goes by so fast. Then the week started up again.

So this past week, I was a bit more productive.  I cross stitched 4 of the 5 days and I finished the columns I was working on last time and now I’m on the next set of columns.

Mama’s Bukid

I went to yoga once so I’m averaging about once a week.  Much better than not going at all but I’m striving for twice a week.

Next I accomplished my morning knitting on socks for 15 minutes every Monday – Friday.


These babies are now done!

knit picks
scrappy socks

All the ends are woven in and I started on my next monday morning socks:

Pattern: Jo’s perfect slipper socks


Second, my evening knitting on Ricky’s Weasley Sweater every Monday through Friday.

Ricky’s Weasley Sweater

I checked this off for 6 of 10 days.  Here’s an updated picture:

Ricky’s Weasley Sweater
about 14″

It’s hard to see the green stripe but it’s still there.

I only worked on the Fairy Hill Shawl during knit night but that’s okay. I have about 7 rows left to do.

Fairy Hill Shawl

I hope you all have a happy crafty week!


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