New board – WIP for show

I finally made my cork boards that I’ve been wanting to make for the last few years.  I trekked over to the thrift shop and purchased a couple of frames and then I purchased the cork board from Amazon.  They arrived on Tuesday.  Before the quilt guild meeting I removed the glass and pictures from the frames and put the cork board in.  My dad put them up on my walls and wala!  I finally have a customized framed cork board.  The cork board from Amazon was more expensive than I thought it would be at $40 because I purchased the 3/4″ cork board.  It would have only been about $15 if I went with the thinnest board.  I think it would have been fine if I got something somewhere in the middle – maybe 1/2″ or 3/8″.  The 3/4″ is nice and thick for pinning things but it sticks out a little behind the frame.  I just taped it up real good and no one can see it.  But next time I’ll get thinner boards to save some money.   I should say that I only got 1 board measuring 24″ x 48″ and I was able to use one board for both frames.  I just cut it with a razor blade to fit nicely into the frames.


Here is the current block I’m working on for Raining Cats and Dogs.  This is the frame to the left of my desk and whenever I’m on a long conference call that doesn’t require me to take a lot of notes or type, I can work on this project by hand.  I haven’t yet figured out how to machine applique so I’ve been doing it by hand for this project.


another corkboard

This is the second board with a finished block from a long time ago.  This is the only block I’ve ever attempted to do foundation piecing with and it took forever that I haven’t yet tried to do a second block.  One day I will but for now, I’ve got a bunch of projects I’m working on. 🙂

Sorry I wasn’t able to post anything for the Sunday Stash.  I was in Long Beach for the International Quilt Show there.  I did purchase quite a few items and I’ll be posting about that soon.

Happy Quilting!


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