Quilty ADD

I’m on the verge of getting into a new project. I’ve been working on my standard 4 diligently for the last few months- since June and I’m starting to get bored. I can slowly feel it creeping on. I start to look at my tasks and I do not feel like doing any of them. Instead I look online at BOMs and on quilty websites. And if I find some thing pretty I have to hold myself back from whipping out the old CC. I have to keep in mind….I want to take classes at the quilt show in October so I have to restrain myself.

I am trying hard to hold myself back…really I am. Wish me luck!


Here’s my wall at the moment. Still working on Raining Cats and Dogs… I’ve got to appliqué that cat on the roof, add two umbrellas and two stars on the side and the flower and leaves to the left of the house. But I’ve still got half the month so I think I’m on track. Kayla’s thirties quilt is almost done – the binding is about half done and then I’ve got the label to do. Still hand quilting and that is about half done. I did start working on Easy Street again. Jeez that thing has a whole bunch of little pieces! But it is the only thing that I’m actually working with the machine on so I’m happy to be working with it. And the colors are so pretty. I love the purples! I’m sad that we didn’t use it more.

So the Easy Street project is what is saving me right now. I hope it’s enough to keep me until I can work on a new project. I think that is what I can check out. Kayla’s quilt will be done this month so I can start going through my projects to see what I want to work on next. I think it will have to be a project to use my machine on because I am inundated with hand projects…


And here’s my sewing space as the sun goes down… I need a new light source!

Happy quilting.


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