Staycation is over with a vengeance…

today's sewing area / living room/ easy street gone wild

today’s sewing area / living room/ easy street gone wild

My staycation is over!  I’m sad but I’m happy to be at work getting all the things I need to get done done.  Here’s how I left my sewing area last night.  I really wanted to get the first Easy Street block from step 8 done (all 16 of them) but wasn’t able to do it.  I have one last row to finish on that block and they are done.  So Easy Street has gone wild in there.  There is the fabric on the piano, row 5 on the ironing board, the rest of the blocks are on the sewing table and then fabric on the little center table underneath the sewing table.

On a finish note – I did get the binding done on Kayla’s thirties quilt last night.  I started the label.  It’s almost done and then I’ll sew it onto the quilt.  I’m doing that part by hand just because its easier for me to.

I’ve decided to baste all the little pieces of Raining Cats and Dogs but I only had enough patience to do 3 pieces yesterday.  We’ll see if I have time to do some after work.  My momma wants to watch a movie later and my uncle is coming over, then I absolutely MUST go to yoga tonight so I probably will not get anything done.  But I hope to get something done if only a little thing. 🙂

I am going to try to continue to post every day now that I’m starting to get into the habit.


Have a quilty day!



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