What’s going on? It’s Saturday already?

I find myself this morning with a little time to actually update ya’ll on what I’ve been up to this week.  Wednesday passed me by before I realized that I forgot to do my WIP Wednesday post.  So, here’s an update on what I’ve been able to accomplish with my Get It Done list for this month –

  • First Quilt – October goal: Hand quilt border #2 and #3.
Border #2 is done and I’m working on Border #3.  I try to work on this one daily doing one string at a time while I watch TV with the kids or hang out with the hubby.  Lately I have been too tired and not in the mood to pick this up and quilt it.  I know it is going to take longer than the month of October to finish this border because it is bigger than the previous two borders and I plan to quilt it more than the other two.  That may be why I haven’t been as diligent to pick this up every day.  I want to try swirls but the other two borders are pretty much straight hand quilting and I’m afraid it might look weird if I start doing swirls at the very end.  What do you think?  Should I just do it?  
  • Easy Street – October goal: Get the backing done and baste it
I’m working on the backing now.  I’m actually half way done with it.  I pulled all the leftover fabric that I had and pieced them together.  I’m not sure I have enough though and I am going to try to finish the backing this weekend. 
Block #9 is done!  I finished it yesterday after work.  I want to start on the next block and have already pulled it out of that pile.  I’m not sure I’ll be able to get any of this started but my daily task includes hand applique and without this I will not have any hand applique to do. 
Block 9 - Done Raining Cats and Dogs

Block 9 – Done
Raining Cats and Dogs

LInking up with Quilt Story to share.

I haven’t touched this one at all.  I haven’t pulled fabric or even looked at the instructions.  I think this one will wait for a little while. 
  • Secret Project #1 – FINISH THE TOP, QUILT AND BIND!
I have two more borders (the top and the bottom) and that finishes the top.  I’ve got to get the backing pieced together.  Since this top involved two jelly rolls and I had a couple of coordinating charm packs, I basically am piecing all my leftover fabric together.  I’ve got a bunch of the rows completed for the back and once the top is really done I can size up the back so that I’ve got enough fabric pieced together.  I want to get both the top and back done this weekend.  


Pacific International Quilt Festival is coming up.  It starts Wednesday night and ends Sunday.  As I’ve posted previously, I’ve signed up for a few classes and I’ve been prepping the materials and supplies for each class.  I have only one class left to prepare for and I’ll be doing that this weekend. I wasn’t planning on going shopping but I was told that I HAVE TO GO shopping at this show. 🙂  So I cleared out my credit cards and saved some and I plan on checking out what is there.  I was told to check out the wool booths and to be sure to purchase LIGHTs.  Apparently while there are local shops I can purchase wool from here, it is difficult to find the light variations.  I was also told to get the thread/yarn necessary to applique wool from here as the selection and the price at the show is better than anywhere else.  I was given some more guidelines that I wrote down somewhere so I hope to be able to get some good stuff.  I’m so happy to have met really helpful ladies in my guild who can give me such insight!  I went to the Long Beach quilt show for a couple of years but didn’t have this kind of help so I pretty much just bought kits that caught my fancy.  While that is okay – I think I’m growing as a quilter.  I’m becoming more interested in the different tools that are showcased and how I can use them to help me with my quilting.  This is exciting for me and I’ll try to document this as much as possible!

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