WIP Wednesday – 12/4/2013

WIP Wednesday at Freshly PiecedGetting it done – one piece at a time…

So I’m off to LA this morning and over the next few days I’ll be working hard.  I’ve brought my hand work with me and I hope I’m able to fit a bit of hand applique in.  Outside of working, I plan to eat at all my favorite places… okay maybe not all.  Hubby will probably make the trek to Bernie’s in Downtown LA.  But I’m happy with More Than Waffles in Encino.  Or Cookin’ with Lenny in Lake Manor.  I’ll be going somewhere with my girls Thursday night so I hope they are planning on eating well wherever we go. Korean BBQ, maybe? 

I haven’t done much more than what I’ve already posted the last few days but I did get a little hand quilting done and a few more of those triangles are finished for step 1 of Celtic Solstice.  I’ll be back in front of my sewing machine on Sunday.  I hope to get Block 5 of Hampton Ridge done and started on Step 2 of Celtic Solstice.

I haven’t mentioned it recently but I am still working on our holiday newsletter.  In fact, it’s probably at the top of my WIP list as it has a deadline, which has gone and passed.  🙂  My internal deadline is always the week after Thanksgiving.  But – it doesn’t always happen.  However, I’m well along that I might be able to get it out next week.  The layout is done – actually I cheated and used the same template from 2011.  I don’t think it matters anyway.  I think everyone likes the pictures and the notes from the children and just want something to care about the layout.  The pictures have all been picked and placed.  All that is left is the writing, which I’ll be working on when I return.  The new soft deadline is to get this in the mail by next weekend. The hard deadline is before Christmas. 🙂

What is on your WIP Wednesday?

~Wish I was quilting…


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