Mayday mayday!!! My computer is down….


My computer wouldn’t turn on yesterday morning and so I’m posting from my iPad. I can’t tell if the picture above is going to come out ok because it looks huge when I preview it. Hopefully it looks fine, these are the fingerless mitts I posted about on Saturday. I’m about 4 rounds away from being done.

Today I did a little binding on Easy Street and a little quilting on the Iris Cameo. I did a couple of rounds on the mitts. Next up… A round on the cowl I’m making for Kayla. On Saturday I was able to get Flowers and Baskets basted. The next item on my May to do list is to prep practice sandwiches for FMQ. Things gave been slow here as I do not have the mindset to work on one of the BOMs… I can only do one step on any given project. So I’ll do what I can. Next weekend I’m heading to my guilds quilt retreat and working on my BOMs is high on my list.

Taking things slow today!


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