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Welcome to the family

I finally got the boxes unpacked and I put this baby together. It was pretty easy. I watched SewVeryEasy’s unboxing video on YouTube several times. Then I watched each section again as I followed in real life.  It was much easier than trying to go through the instructions which wasn’t hard either but video was better for me than reading or deciphering the pictures for the instructions.  Once the machine was put together, the hubby and I rearranged the whole living room area to accommodate it.  The current set up opens up the room a bit more and I really like it. We will try it out and see how it plays out.

All that to say, once it was put together, I was too tired to actually play with it.  I’m hoping to today.  I’ve got some work stuff and my sewing room/office is a mess.  At this moment, it is hard for me to work when I’ve got too many projects scattered around me.  I have a problem figuring out what to work on first. 🙂 So, this blog, some work, put things away in my sewing room and then play on the Q20 is on the docket today.

Happy Sunday and I hope you are able to craft to your heart’s content!


I bought fabric…again!

Celtic Solstice
Sometime Early 2019…

Tomorrow is Sunday and when I posted regularly I used to count the yards of fabric stashed and deduct what I’d finished from week to week.  The point was to keep me from buying too much or at least be mindful of how much I was buying.  The problem is that I work on big quilts and they take forever to finish so … I had week after week with zero updates.  Those were good weeks.  If nothing was coming out then thank my stash goodness that nothing was coming in.  But I also have a monthly budget to support my LQS and would add fabric monthly. And I support my quilt guild and help buy stuff at their annual treasure hunt and our bi-annual quilt show.  So I stopped doing the Sunday Stash report because on those days I would add big numbers and I just felt bad about it.  Instead, I started focusing on my list of quilt projects.

Here was the list early in 2019:

  1. Celtic Solstice
  2. Have yourself a Quilty Little Christmas
  3. Staycation
  4. Civil War Diary
  5. Raining Cats and Dogs
  6. Rainbow Garden
  7. Provence (2012 BOM from my LQS)
  8. Asian (2012 BOM from my LQS)
  9. Scrappy Stars (2016 mystery from Charlotte Hawkes)
  10. 2012 Quilt Run – Area One mystery Quilt
  11. Allietare
  12. Razzle Dazzle
  13. Lucky Stars
  14. Spooky Halloween
  15. En Provence
  16. Dancing with the Stars
  17. Glam Clam

Now… 10/26/19… here’s where I’m at with that list

  1. Celtic Solstice – Finished!
  2. Have yourself a Quilty Little Christmas – Finished!
  3. Staycation – Top is done, I believe the back is ready, and I just need to quilt it.
  4. Civil War Diary – on hiatus. My computer crashed last fall and I haven’t installed EQ8 back on it.
  5. Raining Cats and Dogs – This one is being hand quilted… very slowly.. I only work on it every couple of months.
  6. Rainbow Garden – This one is wool applique and is hand work that I do during my minigroup get togethers.
  7. Provence (2012 BOM from my LQS) – Top is done, and I believe the back is ready. It’s ready to be quilted.
  8. Asian (2012 BOM from my LQS) – This is exactly the same as Provence but in a different colorway so I am going to do this another time.
  9. Scrappy Stars (2016 mystery from Charlotte Hawkes) – I am currently working on this.
  10. 2012 Quilt Run – Area One mystery Quilt – I bring this out during retreats and it’s very close to a finish.
  11. Allietare – tucked away with other projects
  12. Razzle Dazzle – in time out. I can’t remember now why. But I do not have enough fabric to finish as designed – I can’t remember if it’s because I miscut or if it was the shop that put the kit together.
  13. Lucky Stars – This was frogged a long time ago but I still have all the patterns (it is a paper piecing project) so theoretically I can work on it again.
  14. Spooky Halloween – Hand applique and I only do hand work at my minigroup meetings right now so I haven’t been able to touch this.
  15. En Provence – tucked away. I only work on 1 Bonnie Hunter quilt at a time so this will have to wait.
  16. Dancing with the Stars – I took this out at a retreat for the first time in years and started working on it.  So this is a retreat project.
  17. Glam Clam – I do one row at a time at retreats.  I think I have 3 rows left…

It looks like I only finished 2 quilts and technically that’s correct.  But I’ve got 2 more tops done that is just waiting to be quilted and I have a handful of smaller projects that were finished or waiting to be quilted.  So all in all, I think I did a good job.  I am currently working regularly on last year’s Bonnie Hunter mystery quilt – Good Fortune! and I’m almost done. I’m on the “reveal” which is a bunch of steps all in one blog post.  So I’m putting the blocks together.  The other quilt I work on regularly when I’m tired of Good Fortune! is Charlotte Hawkes mystery quilt from 2016.  I think it’s called Scrappy Stars or something like that.  I’m not almost done with that one but I am working on #11 of Step 3.  I do not think I’ll be doing Bonnie’s mystery quilt this year but I will save the instructions and do them one day.  I meet up with friends every Sunday I am available and we quilt for a few hours.  It’s helped me get close to finishing Good Fortune before the next mystery. I’m very close but I do not think I’ll get there.  I would have to be a bit monogamous to do that and I like to play around too much. 😉

Happy quilting!



I’m back.

Hi. I cannot believe how much time has gone by. A lot has happened and I can’t even begin to sum it all up. I’ve gone to a number of retreats since February. My daughter graduated and is happy as a clam in Boston.  The family went on a memorable trip to the Philippines during the summer and my son has started high school.  We are chugging along. Yesterday I celebrated my 43rd birthday and today, I decided to get off my butt and start blogging again.  I get so much done putting up my action plans and writing about what I’m doing and why.  It holds me accountable and I think about my projects more.  I’m probably not going to link up to other blogs like I’ve done in the past because I just don’t have the time.

Another huge thing that happened during my hiatus was a move across town.  It was not planned and it was an unexpected, sudden, crappy situation.  But we are doing well and we are in a great neighborhood.  It’s a little smaller than our old house so I have not unpacked all my crafty stuff.  It has helped in getting some old projects done.

In the interest of time, I’m not going to go through all my finishes over the last several months. I’ll sprinkle them in over time.  For now, I’ll talk about my crafty plans for the next few weeks.

I’m working on my Good Fortune quilt. and I’m on the Reveal putting pieces together.  There are always so many steps in the reveal.  So I’ve finished putting together these blocks

and I’m working on putting them together for a larger block.

I’m alternating this project with a Scrappy project from 2016. I’m on clue #3 step 12 or something like that.  I’ll show pics when I next work on it.

~happy quilting!



Provence, a border fail

So I got Provence out yesterday ready to start taking care of my #1 quilty goal this week when I pulled out the border fabric I purchased in 2012.

I hate it.  Okay, hate is too strong of a word. I’m not sure what I was thinking but it’s one thing to get a border with an idea of how the quilt will be. And quite another when the quilt is actually ready for a border.  I laid the purchased fabric to the side and decided I needed to get something else.  So off to my LQS, quilt in tow, it is. 🙂


It’s been a long time and I wanted to say hello!


I’ve been watching a lot of YouTube videos lately.  Isn’t it weird how they still call them podcasts even though podcasts used to mean just audio recordings?  And some of them still call themselves VLOGs but those really mean the vlog style of simply recording short snippets.  And for those who cross stitch, they have FlossTube.  It’s still a video podcast on YouTube  but is specific to videos about cross stitching.  It’s so very interesting how words and meanings are created and changed as technology progresses.  Anyway, in my little world, there’s a shift as more and more bloggers switch to YouTube.  But then there are still a lot of bloggers keeping up that world.  I haven’t opened up a YouTube channel yet and as tech savvy as I am, getting dressed and prettied up is just way too much work for me to sit in front of my phone and chat with the world.  I would really love to though.

I mention the whole YouTube thing because somewhere in all my watchings, I discovered that I’m a multicraftual.  Meaning… I do a bunch of different crafts.  In the past, I used to think I only have room for 1 hobby or 1 main thing. I can have little side things but really 1 main thing is it.  I only have room for so much stuff and there is only time for so many things.  But lately, that kind of thinking has gone the way of the dinosaurs.  I am doing 3 things right now – cross stitching, knitting, and quilting.  I know I haven’t posted much of anything on that front but believe me – I still call myself a quilter and I still think of myself as primarily that.  At some point in the near future I want to start sewing garments and stuff.

Don’t get me wrong, space is still an issue.  I only have so much room for yarn, floss, and fabric.  Of everything fabric and quilty things have taken over most of my craft space.  Knitting takes up very little space in comparison and cross stitching even less.  At least for me.  My yarn stash is just in one bookcase and I’m on a yarn diet for right now.  I went a little overboard on the yarn purchases last year and now I’m working my way through it.  Cross stitching takes up 2 drawers and I’m slowly putting kits together.  Before this recent cross stitch frenzy that has taken over me lately, I had a small box of stuff that fit in a little drawer.  I’ve probably tripled my stuff since then but that means 2 drawers full of stuff.

Time is still an issue too.  There’s only so much time in a day, week, month, year.  I primarily knit while I’m out of the house and cross stitch on one project during the week and a second project on the weekends.  Quilting is more difficult.  I’ve been stuck on this project:

Celtic Solstice

Do you see that… I finished the top in February 2017.  It took me the next YEAR to finish the back:

Celtic Solstice
The back, not yet finished
Daaaang, that’s big!

And in the meantime, the place I used to rent a long arm at (Barron’s) got rid of their long arm and I no longer have a place to quilt it.  This is a king size quilt.  I ended up just biting the bullet and wrestling it under my machine. Yes, my domestic sewing machine!

Quilting Celtic Solstice

I do have a Bernina 790 and that machine has a great big throat so that helps.  But, it’s still crazy and I hate it.  It’s been sitting there for the past few weeks. I’m about half way through the quilting but I am not feeling like doing this right now.  In fact, I probably will not get back to it until the last weekend in September.  Next week I’m going on a quilt retreat!

So I haven’t been doing much quilting this past couple of years because this humongous quilt was occupying way too much space in my brain.  What can you say, it’s a king size quilt.  I don’t even have a king size bed.  You may wonder why I just didn’t get it quilted?  I could have paid a long armer to quilt it for me and be done with it.  And if it was for me, I probably would have.  But this was a mystery quilt. It was Bonnie Hunter’s annual mystery quilt from a few years ago and I’m not especially in love with it.  Well I love the pattern but I’m not in love with the colors.  They are not my favorites.  That’s reason number one has to why I didn’t want to pay a lot of $$ for it to be quilted.  Then reason #2 – I’m giving it away.  I do not know yet who it will be going to but, someone will be getting it at some point.  So at this point, I just want this quilt to be done, given away, and out of my house forever.  Then I can move on to something else.  And with Barron’s no longer having a long arm for me to rent, I’ll need to figure something else out on that end.  I will probably by myself something in a couple of years.  The Bernina long arm is too much money.  But I may get a sit down machine.  It will not take up as much space as a long arm and will allow me to get these quilts quilted.  So over the next two years, I’ve decided to just get the tops and back ready and build up a pile of quilts to be quilted.  These are my thoughts and things can change over time but, this is what I’m thinking of doing.

I would like to post more often but I find that I get hung up on the picture part of the blog.  I do not have problems taking pictures, but putting my watermark and uploading a pic to wordpress seems to be a major hang up for me.  I do have more things to say but I’ve got to go give our dog a bath, so I will need to come back and tell you more of what’s going on.

I miss blogging and writing.