This weekend’s lineup

Hampton Ridge Block 36 9/29/14

Hampton Ridge
Block 36


Hampton Ridge Block 37 10/1/2014

Hampton Ridge
Block 37


I was able to get the 4 blocks (34-37) done for Month #9 of Hampton Ridge.  I posted #34 and #35 previously so you can go to Hampton Ridge’s page to see them if you haven’t already.  #36 I was able to finish last weekend and #37 I worked on during the week.  Now I have #10 for the last 4 blocks to do, then Finishing Kit #1 and Finishing Kit #2.  I just received Finishing Kit #2 last week and it came in a little tote bag.   The arrival of Finishing Kit #2 really lit a fire in me and I can’t wait to get back to Hampton Ridge in a few weeks.  I do not often take the time to do any crafting during the weekdays but I find when I do, I am more relaxed and calmer.  It’s a bit meditative.  I found my sew-jo again and I’m in a bit of a groove.  I love it when I’m in a groove.  Everything just seems to come easy.

Now that it’s the first weekend of the month, the first item on my list of things I want to work on is Tell It To The Stars.  We already knew what to expect this month so I’m simply piecing all the rows together.  I started sewing the rows with the sashes last night and the plan is to get them all put together today.  Next month, we’ll probably be given instructions on the border.  I really want to get them all pieced today so I can begin working on Block #11 for Moon Glow.  I also received the kit last week in the mail and I believe this is the last block also.  Next month it’s getting all the alternate blocks together.  I took a peak at what this month’s block is and the instructions warn that it is more complicated than the previous blocks.  So I want to start this weekend getting all the pieces cut.  Hopefully this will allow me to get it done next weekend.  I don’t want to rush and I will want to if I wait until next weekend to start.  I may work a bit on some of the cutting I need to do for Scrapitute too.  I’m still not convinced that I’ll be working on it but the more cutting I get done in time for the first clue in January, then the more likelihood I’ll be working on it in January.  We should be getting the initial instructions for Bonnie Hunter’s mystery quilt sometime this month or early November.  The first set of instructions comes the day after Thanksgiving so I’m slowly getting excited for that one.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!


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