2014 Recap and 2015 Goals

Lava Tunnel Hawaii 12/31/2014

Lava Tunnel

For 2014, it changed early in the year but here is what I ended up with:

  • 6 finished quilts
    • I ended up with 4 finished quilts which was 1 more than I finished in 2013
  • 1 crochet project
    • I ended up not doing any crochet projects and I’m fine with this.  I’ve been more intrigued in knitting this year than crochet.
  • 1 knit project
    • I finished 3 projects this year.  The last one I keep forgetting to take a picture of it and post it in my library but it’s Kayla’s Cowl finished around October or November.
  • 1Craftsy class
    • I finished at least 1 class.  I probably finished more but I wasn’t really keeping track.  I know I finished the first couple of knitting classes I took.
  • 50 yards of fabric used
    • I only ended up with 22 yards used.
  • 1 book/magazine project
    • I ended up not doing this one at all.
  • 1 bag
    • I finished a couple of little make up pouches which can be classified as little bags.

So all in all, I did pretty well for 2014.  More than I thought, really.  For 2015, here are my goals –

1. Continue to count fabric in and out of my stash.  The goal is not to reduce stash but to just monitor what comes in and what comes out.  I find that counting it, really keeps me – well, accountable.  When I am not monitoring it, it is easy for me to forget that I already added yardage last weekend and the weekend before and it is easy to constantly buy fabric because I love fabric, the colors, the feel of it.  I don’t need any more but I love to buy it.  So, by monitoring what comes in and what goes out, I can control my urges to buy more.  One day, I’ll make it a goal to reduce stash but that is not going to happen this year.  I’ll try to buy less in 2015 than in 2014.  I no longer have the space for more fabric in my current space.  I can buy more fabric if I buy a new bin to store it in.  But then I’ll need to find space for that bin.  I could squeeze a couple of those bins in my closet but I’m not sure I want to do that.  I could get rid of some clothes that are in one of the current bins in my closet – that will provide me space to put more fabric in that space.  If I do buy more fabric, I’m leaning towards that route.  Who needs clothes when I’ve got fabric? 🙂

2. Concentrate on one thing at a time.  I want to finish quilts.  My goal is to finish 6 quilts.  In 2014 I was working on multiple quilts at a time.  There were 3 BOMs I was regularly working on each month and when those three BOMs were done for the month, I would move on to a wish list of projects I work on periodically.  As a result, nothing really got finished.  Progress happens from week to week but really no finishes.  So I think this year I’ll approach things a little differently by working on one thing at a time.  The plan is to work on one quilt start to finish before going to the next project.  I know I will have a problem with this because I have quilters ADD.  I always want to do the newest BOM and work with the next fad.   As a result, I have a ton of UFOs – much more than what is actually listed on this site because that page has to be updated.  I know this is in direct contradiction to my priorities and to do’s post from last October and these thoughts may change again once I get really into it.  But I want to try and maybe this will work for me…

I’ll start with Scrapitude. Then work on the following quilts in this order (for now)…

3. View and complete Craftsy Classes – Last year, Sandy at Quilting for the Rest of Us had this as one of her goals and I admire her progress throughout the year.  This year, I’ll attempt to do the same.  I’m not planning on doing the reviews she did for each of the classes she takes but I do want to document which ones I have, which ones I’ve finished and which ones I’m working on in a similar fashion.  I also do not have a specific number that I want to complete, I just want to get some of these done. 🙂

4. Books – Similar to the Craftsy Classes, I have a bunch of books and magazines that have patterns and projects that I want to complete one day.  I won’t do a full on quilt since I do want to finish the ones I’ve got started, but I think I’ll do the small projects that I can finish in 1-2 weekends.  My goal is to do 1 per quarter – so just 4 for the year.  It seems small now but I want to keep things simple and realistic.  My main goal is to get quilts done (#2) so this book projects goal and the Craftsy class goal is secondary so I want to make them doable.

Here’s to a great year!

Happy Quilting!


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  1. Good luck with your resolutions! Yep, it was very helpful for me to keep track of my Craftsy class completions on my blog so I’m looking forward to seeing yours!

  2. Good luck on your goals! Yes, very helpful for me to post my Craftsy class progress on my blog so I’m glad you’re doing the same. (Personally, I’d love to read some reviews, though, tee hee.) In any case, I’m looking forward to seeing your progress!

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