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Tell It To The Stars October 5, 2014

Tell It To The Stars
October 5, 2014

Sorry it’s been awhile.  I lost my quilty mojo for a bit.  With Flowers and Baskets finished, I wanted to do a small project before I started my next big quilt, Tell It To The Stars.  I picked the Manhattan bag but it took twice as long as I wanted to spend on it.  I was hesitant to start the project because it was the first time I did that bag and I knew it would take me longer than usual.  I do like the bag and I plan to make more.  Now that that is done, I played with my secret project a bit.  I’m not loving the design so I keep moving fabric around.  It’s better tonight but I found more fabric online that I feel would complement it better than some of the fabric I’ve got on the design wall.  So, I’m waiting for the fabric to come in.

And with that, I pulled out Tell It To The Stars, my sewing table was clean and I had no more excuses.  I’m on the last clue – the border part.  I’ve pulled out the instructions a number of times but I couldn’t bring myself to do anything.  This time, I did.  Can you believe the top pictured above was from October, 2014?  And the last thing I did for this quilt was the November clue, which was part of Border #3…

Tell It To The Stars 32 blocks from the November Clue 11/9/14

Tell It To The Stars
32 blocks from the November Clue

There are 4 additional borders I need to cut and attach to the top.  I cut border #4 tonight.  I’ll be cutting the other borders over the next few nights.  I’ve got until 2/10/15 to work on this project because once the next clue for Scrapitude comes out I will be setting aside Tell It To The Stars again!

What is on your WIP Wednesday?

And for a piece of my non-quilty life, which is another big reason why nothing has been done – a friend of ours built my hubby’s new computer and it wasn’t working.  We couldn’t figure out what was going wrong.  I didn’t have to do anything but I did keep our friends company while they were doing this huge favor of building this new computer.  That took up the bulk of last week.  Saturday, the girl had to take a HS exam for one of the schools she is applying to.  Afterwards, we drove to Vegas for a quick getaway.  What’s a girl to do? We had a voucher for a free room that expires this week so we didn’t want to waste it.  It was a fun, quick trip.  Initially I was going to go to a quilt shop to do some damage to my stash report but I refrained from going.  There are reasons why I refrained but I’ll keep it a secret until I’m able to tell it.  Before you get the wrong idea, it isn’t because I was being good… The hubby’s computer did get fixed and is now running properly.

~Wish I was quilting…


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  1. good morning , I missed you on my morning email, I to fell off the wagon and started something new I’m working on Crazy for red the pattern is called niner I have 70 of the 108 nine patches done I’m on my way to a friends to work on the rest have a great day.

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