TGIF, 2/6/2015

WIPs Be Gone

WIP Status:

 1. Tell It To The Stars – I’m working on putting border #1 on.  I’ve got the sides and need to do the top and the bottom pieces.  I find it weird that the sides are 2-1/4″ while the top and bottoms are 1-1/2″.  Why would the top and bottoms be a different size?  I don’t know but I would guess that it would look appealing.  I am holding my breath and I keep re-reading the instructions to make sure I just didn’t read it wrong.  ;0

Tomorrow, the girl is being interviewed at one of the high schools she’s applying for.  Then I’ll be driving down to OC to get something special from a fellow blogger.  I don’t want to spoil any surprises so you’ll just have to wait until the dust settles. ;0  Just know that I’ll be whooping on my way home!

Happy Quilting everyone!

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  1. Hi, Melanie. I went back to Judy’s site and looked very carefully at the completed quilt and the instructions for the border. If I were you I would write to Judy and ask. It might be a typo or not. I really like that quilt – a sampler that has a very interesting border. Thanks for linking to WIPs Be Gone.

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