TGIF, 2/27/2015

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Month by Month  Finished Top 2/26/2015

Month by Month
Finished Top

I finished the top. I still need to press it and trim the borders.  That will be another day.  Maybe tonight.  I’ll be going to the quilt shop to get backing and I REALLY want to start working on the MidArm this weekend.  I hope I can get out early enough to set it up today so that I can start messing around first thing in the morning.

This is the second finished top this week! Woohoo!  I’d like to quilt this one this weekend, get some practice and then get Tell It To The Stars quilted next weekend.

Happy Quilting everyone!


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  1. How exciting! You finished the top And you get to go to a quilt shop. Congrats, Melanie! It looks great, Melanie. A lot of progress going on in your house. Thanks for linking to WIPs Be Gone.

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